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Announcing Browser History 2020

Browser History is Squarespace’s first in a new annual series highlighting the inspiring customers using our platform to make their dreams a reality in 2020. 

This year, only the bravest of the brave, the strongest of the strong, and the boldest of the bold, could launch something new into the world. They are the vanguard leading us forward. The beacons lighting our path. Those who dared to leap into the unknown and found they could fly. They are among the best of the worst year and they embody the creative, resilient, and ambitious spirit we are proud to support on our platform. 

Ziwe inspires us by pushing boundaries and creating ground-breaking content.

Tim Heidecker keeps us laughing, and reminds us to expand our vision across genres.

Tia Adeola is bringing her fashion-forward vision to PPE.

Rose Greenberg’s unique pillows are (almost) as good as hugs.

Richaud’s perfect French baguettes provide New Yorkers with a little taste of Paris.

GOOD MOVE is keeping our bodies in motion and the serotonin flowing. 

We partnered with renowned artist Ignasi Monreal to create a digital tribute to these resilient individuals in his signature renaissance style. View the portraits and find inspiration in the stories of these dreamers here.

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