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Beat Entrepreneurial Burnout by Setting Boundaries

Whether you’re new to business ownership or a seasoned professional, overcoming business owner burnout is something nearly every entrepreneur will encounter. 

Conversations around entrepreneurial burnout have become increasingly common, partly because more and more people are choosing to become their own boss — and then working themselves into the ground. 

What is entrepreneurial burnout?

Business owner burnout typically stems from overwork and a lack of breaks. When the symptoms of entrepreneurial exhaustion set in, they may look like a decrease in energy, motivation, focus, creativity, and mental clarity. From simple administrative errors to larger client milestones that may be missed, entrepreneurial burnout makes it more difficult for business owners to do what they do best: serve their clients at the highest level.

But when you step away from your desk, you give your clients the best gift possible: a more refreshed and dedicated person that’s not only ready, but excited, to tackle the next challenge. When time is taken to recharge, businesses benefit and clients as a whole. Setting boundaries is one of the best ways to safeguard your energy so there’s more of it to reinvest in the business.

Take a look at how to beat entrepreneurial burnout and improve your mental health by setting boundaries.

Redefine time

Determining what time looks like to a newly minted business owner is essential. How do you typically spend your workday? Does that create great work for clients and a sense of balance in your workload? What do you want your days to look like?

It can be helpful to consider which times of day your productivity peaks, and customize the schedule around the natural rhythm of daily work. There’s no sense forcing a 9-5 schedule if productivity is highest from 12-8. 

Once an ideal schedule is set, it allows business owners to prioritize the tasks that matter most to their wellbeing and business growth.

Practice self-care

When it comes to entrepreneurial burnout, If there isn’t anything left to give, the quality of client work may decrease. While being regularly overbooked may feel like a win, it places the business owner at the bottom of the priority list.

Recharging your internal battery means better results for customers — and it can be simple. The first step is creating a little space between meetings to regroup, rehydrate, and relax. Building in lunch breaks is  a great way to preserve time and energy reserves throughout busy days. With the right scheduling software, breaks in the day can be automated, so self-care is consistently prioritized.

Saying no is a win 

Saying no from time to time supports greater long term success by creating space in your  schedule to scheme, dream, and refuel for what comes next. Just because something can be done, doesn't mean it should be. Time spent away from work is not time wasted — the rest recharges the work.

Implement new boundaries

Once boundaries are identified and created, they need to be implemented. With Squarespace Scheduling, you can create a unique schedule and set your availability, so you have the breaks you need already automated in your calendar.

By setting aside time to rest, relax, reflect, and engage in activities and interests outside of work, business owners and clients are both rewarded in the end.  

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