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Browser History 2020: Tia Adeola

In 2020, digital connection has become more important than ever before. At Squarespace, we’ve seen creatives and entrepreneurs push through uncertainty to boldly pursue their goals and achieve success. In this spirit, we’re celebrating the best of the worst year with Squarespace Browser History 2020, an acknowledgement of the bravest among us who have risen above every challenge to bring their ideas online.

Born in Nigeria, raised in London, and now based in New York, Tia Adeola originally created her eponymous brand from her dorm room back in 2017. Inspired by her love of art history and the opulence of the Renaissance period, Tia created a fashion line designed to rewrite history through her own perspective. 

In fact, she kicked off this year debuting her latest collection during New York Fashion Week. “It felt like a new start with the transition from Slashed by Tia to Tia Adeola,” says Tia, referencing her recent brand transition. “I’m excited to further dive into luxury aspects of design, as my long term goal is to be a couture designer.” 

But at the outset of the pandemic, Tia and her fashion brand were forced to take an unintentional break from the spotlight. Tia returned home to Nigeria to quarantine with her family and waited alongside the rest of the world for a return to “normalcy.” Tia says, “I was surrounded by the people closest to me which made every day easier.”

Still, Tia missed her “usual environment in New York” and eventually returned to her home away from home. As far as her creative process went, she found inspiration in the uncertainty. “The pandemic forced me to think outside the box in ways I don’t think I would’ve normally,” she says. Tia’s fashion-forward face mask demonstrates the designer’s ability to take something that has become commonplace and turn it into a piece of art. “The idea of making a face mask had never crossed my mind until it became a required accessory,” says Tia. 

The masks she created immediately became a hit. “I’ve received only positive reactions to the face masks, along with a ton of memes (we love memes),” she says. Now that the masks are out in the world, Tia has shifted to focusing on her future as well as the brand’s future.

“I will say — this is the first time in my life that I’ve really been able to throw myself into what I do without having to worry about college, homework, or anything else,” says Tia. “I have been exploring all the different aspects of art that I am interested in and applying them to my design.”

We can’t wait to see what Tia comes up with next as she refocuses her perspective on what to create next. She also shared this piece of wisdom for other entrepreneurs: “Make sure you are always in control, as far as the creative aspect goes.” Certainly Tia has taken that piece of advice to heart.

Read more about Tia and explore the Browser History 2020 exhibit.

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