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Browser History 2020: Tim Heidecker

In 2020, digital connection has become more important than ever before. At Squarespace, we’ve seen creatives and entrepreneurs push through uncertainty to boldly pursue their goals and achieve success. In this spirit, we’re celebrating the best of the worst year with Browser History 2020, a series dedicated to individuals who embody the creative, resilient, and ambitious spirit we are proud to support on our platform. 

Comedian, writer, actor, director, podcast host, and musician Tim Heidecker definitely knows how to embrace his creative side. A prolific creator, Tim seems to have spent 2020 doubling down on his productivity, releasing new projects throughout the year. “Truthfully, I had banked some stuff so while the output seems like a lot, it's been work that I've been making over a bigger period of time,” says Tim. 

Still, he’s been keeping busy behind the scenes. “My focus during the pandemic has been on writing projects that hopefully will go into some kind of production next year,” Tim explains. He also has been able to find new ways to make things without going on set. For example, his podcast, a weekly call-in show, serves as the perfect medium for Tim to connect to his fans and friends without necessarily seeing them in person. 

While many know of Tim’s comedic talents, some may be surprised to learn that he is also an accomplished musician. His latest album was released earlier this year. The songs offer Tim’s truthful take on some more serious topics like mortality. “I think, and have heard from fans, that me being open and honest about certain anxieties creates a shared, cathartic experience that does create some relief,” says Tim. 

It seems this album has arrived at a particularly timely moment, as the world continues to grapple with the uncertainty and fear of the global COVID-19 pandemic. And while Tim puts out new projects and looks toward the future, he also struggles with the occasional creative block. “I find by doing something physical, like taking a walk, sending blood to the brain can stir up ideas,” he says. He also suggests setting goals as a way to stay motivated. “It's always good to have a project, something concrete that you can reasonably finish, like a script or a song or something to focus your energy in completing, then you have a foundation to work off of.”

Inspiration can be fickle, but creating something you believe in is always what matters to Tim. When offering advice to other performers and writers, he suggests working on the projects that you want to work on — not the ones you think you should want to work on. “Make sure you are making something for the right reasons: you can't get that thing out of your head, it brings you and/or your collaborators great joy and you think it's worth other people experiencing,” says Tim. 

When it comes to discussing what comes next, Tim says he’s not totally sure. “I have a few projects that remain secret, bubbling and they may or may not happen,” he explains. But one thing is for sure: he’ll be doing something. “I love making things!” says Tim. Based on what he’s released in 2020 alone, we can’t wait to see what he makes next.

Read more about Tim and explore the Browser History 2020 exhibit.

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