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Build Your Brand with Online Courses

No matter which industry you’re in, creating and marketing online classes is a great way to build your brand. Fitness instructors, therapists, language or culinary arts teachers—all can leverage online courses to grow their business. Online courses can increase your brand awareness, attract new customers, position you as a subject matter expert, and potentially provide you with a whole new income stream.

Learn more about building your brand with online courses.

Increasing brand visibility

Whether you’re just launching your online business or are looking to develop your existing brand, online courses are an ideal way to drive awareness.

Developing targeted educational content that showcases what you do will help you generate positive brand sentiment from the beginning of the customer journey. It will enable your target audience to learn who you are, what you’re about, where they can find you online, and how your brand message applies to them.

For example, imagine you’re launching a brand of boutique teas and you run a three-part course on how to identify the qualities of different styles of tea. By pushing that course out on social media to an audience identified as being interested in this subject matter, you not only give them the chance to learn something new, you also introduce your brand to them and demonstrate your expertise.

Growing your personal brand

Online courses offer a chance to position yourself as a thought leader on subjects related to your personal brand. You might run courses in such categories as:

  • Sharing your expertise: Your courses themselves are the draw, including  industry analysis, product reviews, or education.

  • Product support: Your courses are guides for a product you sell, including demos, instructions, feature deep-dives, etc.

  • Marketing: If you built your business around a first-to-market service or product you've innovated, your classes may be key in explaining the benefits of your business. 

Building a loyal community

Fans drive brands. Creating a community of loyal fans or customers is key to building a  business, and online courses are an effective way to get started.

Interactive courses put customers in the same space, giving them the potential to hang out and bond over their shared interests and experience with your brand. They stimulate positive sentiment, produce a sense of being one of a select number, and provide the opportunity for mutual celebration and respect. So it makes sense to incorporate tools that give your courses a feeling of community.

Your online course students essentially become your brand advocates—the people most likely to go out into the world and sing the praises of your business offering. And, because they’ve taken your course, you can trust that they’ll be “on message” in terms of how they position you to their peers.

There is no greater brand-building tool than word of mouth. Develop a curriculum that starts the conversation.

Productizing your expertise 

With online classes, you can turn your knowledge into a sellable product.

Monetize your expertise by offering members-only areas on your website. This will give your courses an exclusive, must-have quality. You can amplify that quality by adding an online scheduler to your site, which allows customers to self-schedule classes with you.  

When you charge a fee for your classes, you can create scalable revenue. In other words, you can invest profits from your classes back into your brand and fund your future business growth. So, market and sell your online courses with the same energy and seriousness as you would any other product.

Digitizing your service offering

For client-first businesses, online courses are a simple way to build and maintain connections with clients. They allow you to deliver personalized service in a way that’s perfectly adapted to an audience that chooses to stay home.

Imagine you’re a piano teacher whose students currently live within a ten-mile radius of your physical place of work. By creating and promoting a series of video classes targeting different levels of learners, you can continue to offer the same face-to-face experience as always while expanding your potential customer base.

Ready to create your courses? Learn how to create your online course curriculum.

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