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How to Use Contactless Payments for Your Services

Incorporating contactless payments into your appointment-based business is a simple way to streamline how you get paid for your services. In our post-pandemic world where heightened awareness around personal space and hygiene are a priority for many people, contactless payments can also help you and your clients feel safer as more in-person business resumes. 

Read on to learn more about how contactless payments can help your business and the different ways to implement them. 

Integrate with a payment processor 

Before you get started with contactless payments, integrate your booking platform with a payment processor. Squarespace Scheduling can connect with Stripe, Square, or PayPal. If you already use a payment processor in your online store, you’ll still need to connect one to your Scheduling account.

Connecting a payment processor enables you to accept payment when clients book with you, as opposed to waiting to receive payment at the appointment. 

Collect payment at the point of booking

Accepting payment from clients when they book is one of the most effective ways to reduce no-shows and make sure you get paid for your time. Upfront payment also eliminates the need for clients to pay in person, which can help to streamline on-site interactions.

There are a few ways you can accept payments at the point of booking: 

Require full deposits

This option is ideal if it’s important to your business to collect all payment in advance of the appointment. With Squarespace Scheduling, you can accept payment in full when clients book by integrating with Stripe, Square, or PayPal. 

Require partial deposits

This option can be useful if you want to offer your clients more flexibility. For example, you could charge 50% up front for a high-price workshop, which ensures you get paid while also making your workshop more budget-friendly for clients. 

With Squarespace Scheduling, you can require partial deposits through Stripe or Square (not available with PayPal). When you accept the partial deposit during the booking process, Stripe or Square will automatically save those payment details, so you can easily process the rest of the payment at the appointment. 

Capture payment details without charging

Instead of requiring a deposit, you also have the option to require clients to enter their payment information without being charged at the point of booking. Once you capture those payment method details, the payment processor will automatically save the client’s credit card in a secure location, ready to be charged later. This option is often referred to as “vaulting” a card and is available by integrating with Stripe or Square (not available with PayPal). Learn more about vaulting cards

This method will not necessarily influence your no-show rate, but it will still help to streamline your contactless payment processes. When you capture clients’ card details — with or without a deposit — you’ll be able to charge their card on file in whichever situation calls for it: to complete a payment at the appointment, to process the rest of a deposit, or to enforce a cancellation fee

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