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In today’s digital age, it’s absolutely crucial for every designer, visual artist, and photographer to have a professional portfolio website. With an online portfolio, you can showcase your visual work with potential clients, employers, and fans. Plus, it’s a great way to share what you’ve created with the world. To get started on creating your portfolio with Squarespace, simply follow the steps outlined below.

Step One: Choose a Template

All of Squarespace’s award-winning website templates can be used to set up an online portfolio. Browse the selection of templates to see which one would work best for your personal aesthetic or professional brand. Once you see one that inspires you, you can start adding your content immediately.

Step Two: Showcase Your Work

After you’ve selected a website template, it’s time to start showcasing your work. Display your original photos, illustrations, artwork, or designs by taking advantage of Squarespace’s different features created to showcase visual work. If you add a Portfolio Page, you can display content in a variety of unique layouts. For example, you can use a Portfolio Page to highlight multiple projects as a grid of thumbnail images. This will allow your website visitors to see more of what you’ve created all at once. Plus you can use this to keep your content organized based on themes, dates, or content types.  Within the projects themselves, you can also organize your images so they appear as a slideshow or a grid with gallery sections. If you don’t have enough content to fill up an entire gallery section, you can start by adding Image Blocks to display the images you have available. 

Step Three: Add Your “About” Page

If you’re planning on using your online portfolio to promote your professional work, it’s absolutely crucial to add a bio or “About Me” page to your website. To add an “About” page, just click on “Pages” in the Home Menu. Then select “About” as your Page Layout option. This will add a page where you can include more information about yourself. You can share who you are, what you do, and what you’d like to do. If you have awards or accomplishments, this is a great place to share those as well. You may want to add some examples of work you’ve done for past clients here, or even some testimonials about your projects as part of this section. If you’d prefer, you can also add your resume or CV to your website.

Step Four: Add a Contact Page

Make sure you give potential clients, employers, and collaborators an opportunity to get in touch with you after they review your online portfolio. You can simply add your email address to your “About” page or you can add a Contact page. Add a form block to your Contact page if you’d like visitors to use that to get in touch with you. With the form, you can decide exactly what type of information you’d like to get from the person before they can message you.

Step Five: Optimize for Search

Finally, it’s time to make sure your beautiful portfolio website is optimized for search. In order for your images to appear in search results, you’ll need to add written descriptions so Google can decipher what the pictures are of. This alt text will also help to make your portfolio site more universally accessible. Additionally, you can verify your site with Google Search Console to help manage your site’s presence in Google Search results. This service is free and can also be useful as a tool when combined with Analytics to see what keywords people are searching to land on your site. Be sure to check out these best practices to make sure your site is fully optimized.

Once you’ve completed these steps, your online portfolio is ready to be shared with the world. But remember: you can always continue to add and edit your site as you complete more projects. Need more pointers on getting started? Check out our webinars here.

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