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Creating From the Heart: Deaton Chris Anthony

When it comes to creating art, Deaton Chris Anthony doesn’t limit himself to one medium. Squarespace was lucky enough to get a glimpse into his colorful home/studio in Los Angeles. Filled with clothing scraps, rolls of yarn and music production equipment from the 80’s and 90’s, Deaton’s workspace is indicative of his various artistic interests, all of which are connected in one way or another. 

Curiosity inspired Deaton to explore rug-making, when he noticed a rug cascading down a staircase, and wondered how it was made. Deaton demonstrated how he makes his “dopey dudes,” aka colorful rugs that he designs himself, using a technique called tufting. For Deaton, the process of tufting rugs isn’t about perfection, but having fun. “The goal is to make as many dopey dudes as possible and one day do a big show and everyone can come and run all over them,” Deaton says. 

Deaton also creates clothing, using pieces he sources from rag houses in Los Angeles. Each article of clothing transports him to another world and gives him the opportunity to create something new. “Someone wore this piece, and then threw it in the trash because they didn’t want it,” Deaton explains, “I get to resurrect that idea and give a new meaning to it.” 

When he’s not repurposing old clothing or tufting rugs, you can find Deaton in his home studio making music. Much like his clothing, Deaton uses elements of the past to create something new. Using an 8-bit computer from the early 90’s, Deaton showed us how he makes a track, starting with a drum beat, adding chords, vocal samples, and bass — one layer at a time. 

While rugs, clothing, and music are all seemingly disconnected, Deaton explains that each one of his artistic endeavors has led him to the next. Most importantly, everything Deaton creates comes from his desire to follow his heart. “I’m thankful to be here. I’m thankful to create art,” he says, “Because in the end that’s what matters.” 

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