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Creating Gated Content to Support Your Brand

Whether you’re launching online classes, starting a new blog, or writing whitepapers, creating content to build your brand is no small feat. Once the content is live on your site, scaling your strategy is a natural next step. A gated content strategy can help you better understand your audience so you can build a more engaged client base.

To access gated content, your site visitors need to provide something in return, like contact information or a membership payment. Whether you’re an educator, influencer, or community leader, gating some of your content with a product like Squarespace Member Areas can have long lasting benefits for your personal brand or business.

Increase brand loyalty

Offering exclusive access to content has the potential to generate stronger customer loyalty and increase engagement. By making classes, trainings, or unique packages available on your site, you can give visitors more ways to connect with your brand — and more reasons to keep coming back. 

When you’re deciding whether content should be gated or ungated, take time to consider what new and existing clients value about your work. Offering a diversity of ungated content that addresses the needs and interests of people of all skill levels or communities can help you build an initial relationship with your site visitors. Over time, you can deepen this relationship with more specialized gated content. For example, a fitness instructor might offer an introductory pre-recorded fitness class for new visitors and incentivize them to sign up for a paid membership to live streaming workouts or access to a library of video courses.

Once customers are signed up for your member area, you can also tailor your marketing through features like Email Campaigns, ensuring a consistent brand experience for your customers. With Email Campaigns, you can create segmented promotions, newsletters, and other forms of content to best serve specific customer groups.

Ready to get started? Learn more about launching video courses with Squarespace.

Get to know your customers

Gating your content also enables you to better understand customer behavior. Applying Analytics to Member Areas will help you identify top-performing content across levels of membership, and iterate your content strategy moving forward. You can learn how customers engage with your content, identify what sources drive traffic to top-performing content, and track sales metrics over time.

You can also use analytics to make informed decisions about your content strategy. From deciding what to publish next, to identifying what content has the potential to convert leads into subscribers, analytics is your ticket to understanding and growing your customer base.

Create a new revenue stream

Whether your content revenue comes from direct membership fees, or from related marketing, launching a gated content strategy can increase your bottom line and enable you to reinvest in and expand your business.

Gated content is an especially valuable tool for creatives seeking sustainable ways to monetize their work. With a subscription to Member Areas, you can create sets of gated pages, choose how much members pay to access them, and at what frequency they must pay membership fees to maintain access. Weekly, monthly, or annual billing options allow for flexibility in your membership structure, and enable you to test pricing plans to find the best fit for your business and your clients. You can even opt to charge nothing, instead leveraging Member Areas to capture contact information, inform your long term content strategy, and engage clients through email marketing in the future.

If you’re launching a new content strategy, or looking to take it to the next level, gated content is a valuable tool for deepening your relationship to your customers, elevating your brand offerings, and creating a more sustainable business model. 

Learn more about creating gated content with Squarespace Member Areas.

This article was updated on January 26, 2022.

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