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Crystal Methyd on Drag as an Act of Resilience

This year, we’re celebrating Pride by acknowledging the LGBTQIA+ community’s long-standing history of breaking down barriers and lifting each other up. Throughout June, we’re featuring customers who embody the reality that resilience isn’t only about being persistent—it’s also about becoming stronger than before. From building community, to fueling creativity and encouraging activism, we’re honoring the LGBTQIA+ community as a continual source of strength, evolution, and inspiration.

For performer Crystal Methyd, celebrating queer identity through drag is a revolutionary—and resilient—act. She spoke with Squarespace about embracing absurdity in her stage presence, finding drag through spite, and what she hopes to inspire in younger members of the queer community.

SQUARESPACE: In three words, how would you describe your drag persona?

CRYSTAL METHYD: I would describe my drag persona with the three C’s: colorful, confused, chaotic.

SQSP: What led you to a career as a drag performer?

CM: I chose a career in drag to spite my conservative parents.

SQSP: You’re known for kooky and unforgettable looks. What are your biggest creative influences, and how do you stay inspired?

CM: The way I style my looks is definitely inspired by how the women in my family dress everyday; lots of accessories and prints. I’m constantly pulling inspiration from my favorite movies and video games; I love fantasy. When I’m struggling to come up with new concepts I like to watch videos to see how other artists approach their art and to challenge myself to think of my drag from a different perspective. I’m never afraid to embrace the absurd.

SQSP: What did you learn from doing competitive drag on TV?

CM: My experience taught me to trust my gut, which I still struggle with sometimes. I put a lot of pressure on myself to consistently create out-of-the-box looks and performances. Sometimes it is best to not think about things too much and just focus on having fun. 

SQSP: Squarespace is exploring the idea of ‘resilience as a revolution’ as it relates to pride. How does the idea of resilience factor into your definition of pride and your experience as part of the LGBTQIA+ community?

CM: Coming back from adversity is all too familiar with everyone’s queer experience. The art that I create through my drag celebrates queerness. Taking ownership of your queerness and taking pride in it, is resilience. As a queer adult, I want to inspire the younger generations to always be proud of who they are.

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