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SQSP FAQ: Domain Edits, Transfers, and Customizations

For any site, creating a custom domain is key to standing out online. Whether you’re launching a portfolio, starting an online store, or establishing a new brand, the right domain will set your site up for success. With a custom Squarespace Domain, you can get as creative or utilitarian with your website name as you’d like. If you already have a third-party domain, it can easily be integrated with your Squarespace site.

No matter your site’s name or the domain hosting platform you currently use, our 24/7 Customer Support team can field all your questions and concerns. Here are five of the top domain-related questions they receive:

I have a custom domain, but the built-in domain ( still displays in the URL bar. How can I make sure only my custom domain is visible?

No need to worry! It’s perfectly normal to see your built-in domain when logged in to edit your site. Visitors to your site will only ever see your custom domain. Every Squarespace website is assigned a built-in Squarespace domain, but this domain isn’t publicly visible when you have a custom domain.

How do I edit my domain?

Once you purchase a Squarespace Domain, there is a five day grace period to cancel and receive a full refund. Whether you need to correct a typo, or just want to try a new domain altogether, you can use this grace period to cancel a domain and register a new one. If you’ve had your domain for more than five days,  you can disable auto-renew, ensuring you won’t be charged for the domain again. You will need to purchase a new domain with the wording you prefer.

If you know you want to change your site name, but can’t quite settle on the best option, applying strategy to choosing your next domain can simplify the brainstorming process.

If I already have a third-party domain, can I use it with my new Squarespace site?

Yes! There are two ways to approach integrating a third-party domain with your website. You can either transfer or connect your domain. We recommend transferring your domain to Squarespace, as you can then manage your domain and your site on one platform. Our 24/7 Customer Support team can assist if you ever have issues or questions about your domain.

If you’d rather continue hosting your domain through a third-party, or your domain isn’t eligible for transfer, you can connect your domain name to your Squarespace site.

After transferring my domain to Squarespace, can I transfer it back to a third-party?

Once a domain is registered, there is a 60-day waiting period before it can be transferred to another provider. This waiting period is set by an organization called ICANN, which oversees rules around domains and transfers. That said, if you need an interim solution during the 60 days, you can always point your domain using Advanced DNS Settings.

Can I point my domain to a specific page on my site?

If your domain is hosted through Squarespace, all you have to do is forward your domain. Third-party domains connected to your site can’t point to a specific page; they link automatically to your homepage. You can check with your domain provider to see if you can forward your domain to a specific page, though your built-in domain may show if no other domain is connected to the site.

Looking for more answers or information? Browse SQSP FAQs to learn more.

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