Dream big with Idris Elba and Spike Jonze

A dream is still just a dream until you make it real. We just released our new campaign featuring Idris Elba, created in collaboration with Oscar-winning director Spike Jonze. The spot, “Dream It,” follows Idris’ nostalgic exploration of aspirations from childhood that many can relate to, as he transforms from fashion designer to professional boxer to astronaut. By revisiting these dreams, we want to inspire everyone to follow through on the pursuit of their own goals.

We also created a second short film, entitled “Make It,” which demonstrates how easy it is to bring an idea to life on Squarespace—namely, Idris’ apparel collection 2HR SET. While Idris is best known for his acting prowess, he is also a boxer, DJ, director, producer, businessman, and land speed world record holder. A genuine Squarespace customer, Idris uses his site to sell an apparel line inspired by his work as a professional DJ. The drop of the new 2HR SET Collection will mark the official launch of Idris' online store. He'll have the full support of Squarespace's Commerce platform at his fingertips, with tools such as Email Campaigns and features like shoppable posts on Instagram.

We’re honored to work with two such high-caliber talents, as well as to featureThe Kaos Signing Choir for Deaf & Hearing Children, the children’s choir that opened for the London Olympics, infusing a sense of childlike wonder into the film with their rendition of “Que Será, Será.” The spot was filmed in East London, near Idris’ hometown, where his own journey began. We hope that you’ll be inspired by the notion that any dream is worth being pursued and will feel empowered to turn that dream into a reality, starting with your own Squarespace website.