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Drive Social Engagement with Bio Sites from Unfold

When you’re launching a new brand on social media or building a social presence for your business, using bio links across platforms is a key way to connect with your audience. For both new and actively engaged followers, your social media bio is a valuable resource for the latest updates from your brand. Since social media platforms limit the number of bio links you can post, your ability to communicate with your audience also has a cap.

With Bio Sites from Unfold, host unlimited links in your customized bio and connect directly with your audience wherever they are. Whether you’re sharing news, offering promotions, or mobilizing people around a cause, a Bio Site can help you drive audience engagement and streamline your social media presence.

What are Bio Sites?

Just as Unfold offers design-forward templates for social stories, Bio Sites presents a clean, visually compelling solution to listing multiple links in bio. When you set up a Bio Site, you’ll have a simplified hub for all of your ideas and content, and be able to share an unlimited number of links with your followers. For both social media influencers and ecommerce businesses alike, this means you can build a more dynamic social presence by promoting brand partnerships, sharing community updates, driving traffic to your online store, encouraging petition signatures, and more.


Personalize your Bio Site

When you create your Bio Site, you can customize the template with unique imagery and copy. In minutes, design a Bio Site that aligns with your social media aesthetic, and strategically prioritize the order of your links in bio to surface key messages, sales, or news to your followers. Include up to eight social media links to connect your profiles, and add unlimited content links to keep your audience engaged with your brand. You can also customize your URLs for ease of use and clarity, add thumbnails for more clicks, and create unique CTAs for your content. Preview your Bio Site before making it public, and continue to easily edit and update links after it’s live.

Link and share anywhere

Use your mobile device to update your Bio Site in seconds and build consistency in your online presence. For example, instead of updating your Instagram links in bio and Twitter links in bio separately, your Bio Site enables you to make single edits that translate to each of your social profiles. As a result, you can share content with your followers at a faster pace, and give your audience more content to engage with across your profiles.

With the Unfold app, you can manage your social media stories in one place and use your Bio Site to streamline your bio links and content across platforms. By simplifying where and how you create updates for your audiences, you can ultimately build a more cohesive, unified, and engaging online presence.

Download the Unfold app to create your Bio Site today.

This post was updated on April 7, 2021.

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