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Enhance Your Social Media Stories with Unfold

In a time when everyone is creating endless content for social media, standing out can be a challenge. When it’s done right, building your social presence can dramatically increase your reach, deepen your relationship with existing and prospective customers, and create a more holistic brand experience. 

That said, strategizing and creating beautiful content — and keeping up with a daily or weekly posting cadence — is a full time job in and of itself. Enter Unfold, the story editor app that helps anyone create beautiful stories for social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. 

Used by everyone from pop stars and influencers to businesses with strong social strategies, Unfold’s over 400 social story and post templates empower you to create an elevated look that aligns with your brand or your personal style. Getting started is simple: 

Choose a template

Visually appealing content is more likely to catch attention in the infinite scroll of social media, and to be shared organically by viewers. With unique collections like Film and Clasico, you can easily browse award-winning design templates, including animated templates, and find the perfect option to make beautiful, shareable content with your photos or videos.

Think of templates as a frame for your art, helping to take it to the next level. For a more analogue aesthetic, try pairing your photo or story with a template from the Film Frames collection, which creates the look of a vintage film photo. If you’re an artist interested in sharing your latest inspiration, or a fashion brand announcing a new color launch, Moodboard’s collage option allows you to connect your audience with your creative thinking. No matter the story you’re telling, enhancing it through Unfold’s template collections can expand your reach and, for a business or influencer, improve your bottom line.


Customize your content

Once you’ve selected an Unfold template, you can apply a range of tools to personalize your story. Differentiating your feed from someone else’s ultimately comes down to customization, so every personal touch counts. Publishing unique content that uses consistent, branded fonts or colors increases brand recall, and also helps you appeal more directly to your audience. 

Choose from different font options, stickers, and additional editing tools like filters and backgrounds to make your content stand out. With Unfold+, you can stay ahead of trends and access new collections, premium fonts, filters, and stickers before they’re widely available.


Share and manage your stories, all in one place

A beautiful, memorable aesthetic is only one part of a strong social media presence. It’s also important to consider the larger narrative you’re sharing on your social platforms every time you press publish. Using a central hub to manage your social posts — meaning you can create, save, publish, and update your posts all in one place — saves time and enables consistency in your personal brand or business narrative. 

With Unfold, once you’ve laid out your story, you can save the pages to your phone or share directly to Instagram or Facebook Stories. You can also use Bio Sites from Unfold to customize your social media bios and manage your link in bio from one simplified hub. When everything is managed under one app, you can see the full picture of the content your audience will be consuming, and make strategic decisions about what you choose to share, and when.


Looking for inspiration?

Alivia Fields, a photographer and environmental advocate, has used Unfold since 2017 to enhance her social presence, and works with clients to help them do the same.

“Using Unfold has helped my stories feel so much more curated and professional, especially when I use it to work with clients and brands! On the personal side, however, it has helped me really develop a style and sort of Instagram Story aesthetic that my audience has learned to know and love.”


Over one billion stories have been created using Unfold. Yours could be next. 

Want to learn more about using the Unfold app? Check out our help guide.

This post was updated on May 3, 2021.

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