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Four Black-Owned Businesses To Support This Holiday Season

Our new Instagram series, “Add To Cart,” explores what it means to buy with purpose. This holiday season, we’re highlighting four Black-owned brands who are rooted in community and culture. Whether you’re supporting POC-owned, women-owned, or queer-owned businesses, what you add to your cart has the power to make a difference in the world. 

Learn more about each of these Black-owned businesses below, and be sure to browse their online stores, built on Squarespace, this holiday season

Free MVMT Shop

Free MVMT Shop is a movement-based fitness community in Chicago, IL. Built around the idea of “create what you want to see in the world,” Free MVMT Shop brought founder Ashley Rockwood’s fitness dreams to life. Free MVMT offers both virtual and in-person fitness classes that incorporate dance, yoga, cardio, and much more. “You barely remember you are working out,” says Rockwood, “It doesn’t feel like torture, it feels like fun.” 

For Rockwood, buying with purpose is all about spending money in ways that benefit the community and the environment. “To me, conscious consumerism is the awareness and awakening to the idea that where we spend our money has power,” she says. Rockwood is excited to have witnessed this awakening take place on a larger scale in recent years. 

Interested in supporting Free MVMT? Register for one of their upcoming fitness classes, or purchase a gift from their merch shop

Scott Sampler

LA-based winemaker Scott Sampler produces fine wines and super-coolers made in small batches with attention to quality and craft. When Sampler first launched his businesses, many were skeptical that he’d be able to pull it off. “Most everyone said my winemaking techniques were crazy,” says Sampler, “But I knew that there was space in the market for what I was doing. I knew I was making something great.” 

Though the transition from wine-lover to winemaker has presented several challenges, Sampler’s love of the process and culture behind natural wine has kept him in the game. “As cliché as it sounds, you have to love what you do because starting a small business is an all-consuming endeavor,” he says. Using Squarespace has helped Sampler in getting his businesses up and running online. “Squarespace allowed me to not only design websites that look totally professional without knowing how to code, but also allowed me to insert my vision without a whiff of a generic template! That's a serious win/win.”

If you or someone you know is a lover of unique natural wines, check out Scotty-Boy Wines, L’Arge d’Oor, and The Central Coast Group Project this holiday season.


Tier NYC is a clothing brand co-founded by college friends Nigeria Ealey, Esaïe Jean Simon, and Victor James. What started out as a casual conversation between friends off-campus, eventually turned into a brand inspired by art, community, and experiences. Their motto, “Art Never Dies,” speaks to the ideology that fashion is a vehicle for both individual and collective expression. The co-founders of TIER NYC are confident that their mission is understood by their audience. “When someone spends a dollar, they are supporting what that company represents,” Jean Simon says, “We have gotten so much support because our clients know they are supporting a dream and passion.” 

Since their launch, TIER NYC has utilized Squarespace as a tool to run their direct-to-consumer brand. “The Marketing and Analytics features have been huge assets and educational tools, giving us the ability to effectively connect with our community while tracking data results and return for development,” says Ealey.

Like many small, Black-owned businesses, community support has also been pivotal for TIER NYC. “Sharing on social, attending events, and offering grace and understanding as a small business grows all go a long way,” says James. 

Be sure to check out TIER NYC’s online store this holiday season. 


Founded in 2014 and based in Houston, Texas, 3rdeyeview is an eyewear brand that creates glasses “made for living.” When her father was diagnosed with glaucoma in 2015, founder Christyn Beckenridge was inspired to dedicate her brand’s  mission to eliminating vision-related complications. As a part of their [ON SIGHT] program, 3rdeyeview collaborates with local nonprofits to provide vision screenings, eye exams, and eyewear to those in need. Beckenridge’s father recently passed away, however, she says he remains her “guardian angel and business consultant.” 

By creating an online presence, Beckenridge has been able to scale her business and establish a strong brand identity. “Squarespace helped me to navigate a digital world I was not familiar with,” says Beckenridge. “I watched a video tutorial years ago to learn how to build everything from scratch.” When asked for her advice on how consumers can support small businesses such as her own, Beckenridge recommends, “Tell a friend. Educate yourself on the fashion industry, buy local, share a post or tag, write a review.”

Looking for a holiday gift that also supports someone in need? Check out 3rdeyeview’s online store.

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