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From a Founder: Joe Laresca on Launching a Brand Based on Risk

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For Joe Laresca, taking the financial leap to launch a business straight out of college became foundational to the risk-taking ethos of NOISE, his tech-enabled marketing, management, and production company.

In just two years, NOISE has partnered with many individuals and brands to make a cultural impact, and extended to include a creative studio, as well as a music production and management division that represents a range of artists.

Laresca opened up about the first steps he took to bring his entrepreneurial idea to life, how he’s built a referral-based business, and why making a generational impact is key to NOISE’s mission.

Squarespace: What inspired you to launch your business?

Joe Laresca: I’ve always been the hypeman. My favorite thing to do is coming up with ideas and finding great people to make them happen. I wanted to create a company that allowed me to do just that in the industries that I love. We now get to partner with some of the most iconic public figures and brands across real estate, media, tech, and entertainment. We also have the infrastructure that allows us to use our agency to launch and invest in new companies. One great example is a company we launched during the pandemic with a very simple mission: to help people get sick less. 

SQSP: What was the first step you took to make it a reality?

JL: Honestly, putting it into existence –– AKA literally creating a logo and a website. The idea was to create a brand that everyone understood which is why I named the company NOISE. We really don’t have to tell people what we do, people just get it. 

SQSP: In every entrepreneurial endeavor, there are unexpected risks and challenges. What was the biggest risk you took?

JL: I came out of college with a good amount of student loans so I guess it was a pretty risky move to not take a job at a more traditional company. That said, I’ve always loved risk and I think that bleeds into our culture here at NOISE and makes us successful. We have several values at the company but two big ones are being entrepreneurial and unpredictable.

SQSP: What surprised you the most?

JL: Being able to work with some of the biggest brands and companies in the world in such a short amount of time. There’s definitely the “old guard” in the agency world but we’ve been given the shot to prove ourselves relatively quickly. 

SQSP: After a challenging day, week, or month, what keeps you motivated?

JL: It may sound cheesy and cliche, but the vision of what NOISE can become keeps me motivated. We’re not just trying to build another company with a fancy tagline and KPIs. We want to build a brand that inspires people and lasts for generations. 

SQSP: How has your online presence contributed to your business success?

JL: Brand is everything. Not many people know this, but our agency business has been 100% referral. I always find it crazy how people underestimate the power of building genuine relationships and a long-lasting brand. I think one thing we do better than anyone is showing people we care and building long-term relationships. Showing TLC is in our DNA. We’re a bit old school in our communications approach, but I think it’s better that way. All of this takes time, but it pays off in the long-run. 

SQSP: How do you see your online presence evolving in the future?

JL: The last two years have been all about setting up the infrastructure, processes, and team to really scale the vision of NOISE — meaning, we really haven’t talked about ourselves at all. This year we’ll be putting out a ton of content to showcase our culture, our company, who we are as people, and who I am as a founder (p.s. I’ll be releasing a podcast and music very soon). 

In terms of evolving, I guess you can say NOISE is getting closer to becoming a standalone brand versus just another traditional company. I feel like I’m going to be that person where people ask, “What does he do again?” And I kind of like that. 

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