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We understand the challenges and workloads facing small business owners and sole proprietors every day. Our goal as a company is to help our customers navigate these challenges, manage their workloads, and ultimately see their businesses succeed. 

With that in mind, last year we launched Squarespace Extensions to help our customers run their businesses online more efficiently and get even more value out of their websites. Squarespace Extensions comprises a portfolio of third-party tools that help you expand your website functionality and optimize your business operations. We are continuing to add extensions across four categories of in-demand business solutions:

Shipping and Fulfillment tools help you: 

  1. stock inventory in U.S.-based fulfillment centers 

  2. generate shipping labels

  3. manage shipments from one dashboard

  4. manage returns

  5. create branded tracking portals

Finance tools help you: 

  1. reconcile sales transactions

  2. file sales taxes

  3. manage accounting

  4. streamline bookkeeping

Inventory and Products tools to help you:

  1. manage inventory across channels

  2. manage product stock levels

  3. source new products

Sales and Marketing tools help you:

  1. promote products across digital channels

  2. incentivize transactions

  3. survey customers

There’s no additional cost through Squarespace to connect extensions, but some of the third-party services may require their own subscriptions or fees, and availability may vary by region.

How to Connect an Extension to Your Squarespace Site

With our all-in-one platform, you can easily expand your website functionality by logging into your Squarespace account and browsing the full list of Squarespace Extensions, where you will see the logo and a brief description of all available third-party extensions. Click on a logo to see a detailed description of that extension, including key features, pricing information, regional availability, supported languages—and a button to connect it to your site. You will then be prompted to “allow” the third-party service permission to connect with your site, and supplied with a set of steps to follow to connect that particular service.

You can manage all of your extensions under “Settings” in the “Home” menu of your site. If you decide to disconnect an extension, you will need to do so from within your Squarespace account—even if you did so from the third-party side. 

We’re adding new extensions on a regular basis, so check the full list often for updates and new tools.

Do you need more information about all of Squarespace's tools and offerings? Click here.

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