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When you’re building a personal brand or growing an ecommerce business, selling products on your website is table stakes for establishing your online presence and generating revenue. Selling physical goods comes with challenges like production, inventory management, and order fulfillment, but third-party print-on-demand services offer simple solutions for creating and selling a variety of products on your Squarespace website. Whether you plan to sell art prints, embroidered t-shirts, or branded merch like stickers and tote bags, print-on-demand Squarespace Extensions make it easy to start selling online.

Learn more about how print-on-demand services work, and find the right print-on-demand service for your ecommerce store:

What is print-on-demand?

Print-on-demand companies handle the production, shipping, and fulfillment of white-label products for your brand. Every product is created when an order gets placed, so you only pay for associated costs when you make a sale. For example, if a customer purchases a branded t-shirt through your website, the print-on-demand company will only make the t-shirt when the order is placed. This means you only pay for associated costs when you make a sale, which is why print-on-demand is a low-risk way to start selling online. 

Squarespace Extensions make it easy to connect to a print-on-demand company and integrate your store with a third-party tool. Using a print-on-demand service has multiple benefits:

Outsource inventory management

Managing inventory involves logistics like maintaining minimum stock and keeping up storage. Print-on-demand services take care of inventory management for you. You also save on expenses tied to launching new products or pivoting your designs, because you can test new ideas without purchasing new materials or production equipment. A photographer might test selling prints of different photos to learn more about what appeals to their audience, or a fashion brand might launch a new baseball cap design and see if it takes off.

Simplify shipping

Print-on-demand services include dropshipping, which means you don’t have to worry about handling order fulfillment. When a customer purchases an item in your online store, the print-on-demand service will automatically package and ship the order for you. Depending on the company and plan, you may be able to customize the packaging to include your logo on the shipping label. 

Create a new revenue stream

With a print-on-demand service, you can diversify your revenue streams by creating and selling branded merch, art prints, and other products through your website. Start by selecting a print-on-demand extension for your brand or business:


For designers and other creatives, Printful simplifies the process of selling prints and embroidery products online. Printful manages inventory, production, and shipping with no upfront costs — you only pay when you make a sale. With several fulfillment centers around the globe, Printful can help you build a global brand with high quality products your customers will love. Learn more about integrating Printful with your Squarespace website. 


Printique specializes in professional art and photo prints on high-quality materials like acrylic, canvas, metal and more. When you connect your online store to Printique, you gain state-of-the-art printing technology and high quality materials for production. Printique prints your products to order, and handles inventory management and order fulfillment, so you can stay focused on the creative aspects of your work. Learn more about integrating Printique with your Squarespace website.

Ready to sell your own products online? Browse Extensions to get started.

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