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2022 Horoscopes, presented by The Strology

As we enter 2022, we could all use a little guidance from the stars. For the second year running, we partnered with astrologer, author, teacher, and founder of The Strology, Kirah Tabourn, to shed light on what the new year has in store. Read all twelve 2022 horoscopes below, written by Kirah, and watch out for your special sign.


Space is being made for you to dive deep into the innermost places of your soul and psyche. While you might want to move full steam ahead into 2022, this is your invitation to move at a slower, quieter pace. We don’t always get opportunities to take extended time working on ourselves, to examine our values and support systems, so make the most of it. This work happens through both introspection and through your relationships within your community. You need each other, but it’s always ok to make yourself your #1 priority. 


It sounds corny but, reach for the stars in 2022! There is so much potential brewing within you that you might feel like you’re going to burst sooner or later. Be specific with what you want and ask for it, and then some. The challenges are in finding ways to balance it all, and in trusting that you’ll land on two feet after diving headfirst off the cliff. Trust. You’ll emerge from 2022 in a very different place from where you are now and you’ll be so proud of yourself for taking the leap. 


You’re just about ready to soar, and the conditions look great for takeoff. While you continue to develop a new worldview and way of conceptualizing life, you’re ready to start putting what you’ve learned into use. While it’ll be a lot of work, you’re in a better position to approach it. The birdseye view you’ve been viewing life through makes your path seem clearer, but prepare for unexpected twists and turns when you’re actually walking on it. Stay focused on the end goal and remain patient with your progress. It’s a journey, and that’s the fun part.

The Strology


Out of the dark and into the light, 2022 offers you a refreshing change of pace. A hopefulness is bubbling up inside of you, and it’s ok to lean into it. A return to faith (in life, in people, in yourself), is exactly what you need right now. You also need friends, community, and people around you that reflect your inherent compassion and empathy back to you. You need to be reminded of who you are, and once you get back into your groove, you’ll get a taste of all the expansion to come. 


Your relationships have taken up a lot of space in your life lately, and 2022 gives you time and space to process a lot of what’s gone down over the last few years. Simultaneously, you could receive career opportunities beyond what you might even believe possible right now. The internal work you dedicate yourself to doing provides the support you need to fully receive the opportunities coming your way. Prioritize balancing the external accomplishments with the internal work and watch in awe as you expand in all directions.


You’ve been grinding for some time now, and while the pressure is still on, you do get some reprieve in 2022. Relief comes through your relationships, the people you form deep bonds with. Friends, partners, and lovers both new and old saturate your sphere, enriching your life on multiple levels. Lean into these connections, there’s some good and potent magic within them. New relationships could inspire new perspectives, as your worldview continues to shift and with it your knowledge. You could be called to share your wisdom with your world. It’s time for your voice to be heard. 


You’ve been in a process of redefining what pleasure looks like to you, and that journey continues into 2022. What changes this year is the level of necessity and focus needed to stay on that path. Work can become somewhat overwhelming at points this year, and it’s important that you don’t let it drown you. There are new opportunities abound, but be sure you’re checking in with yourself around your capacity to take on more. In fact, a huge lesson you’ll learn this year is around allowing others to support you. You can’t do it all, and that’s ok. Self care includes giving others permission to care for you. It’s hard, but it’s worth the discomfort, for you must learn the art of sacred reciprocity.


They say Scorpio is all about transformation, and that couldn’t be more true in 2022. Pay very close attention to what the relational dynamics you enter into are teaching you about yourself. Our relationships are a mirror of ourselves, our spirit, and psyche. That which you aren’t facing in yourself, you will surely face in relationship with another. It’s ok to let go of aspects of yourself and your identity that don’t fit anymore, and you’ll be better off by doing so. It’s hard, but it’s worth it. The year is also ripe with opportunities to explore your creativity, pleasure, and sexual appetite, so lean in and indulge. No one is judging you for it but yourself!


Find healing through sinking into your foundation. 2022 offers you an opportunity to enrich your life through a deep exploration of where you come from. Your roots tend to be most comfortable growing within the fluidity of water, and within this saturated space, you’ll find nourishment through diving into your past, ancestry, and heritage. What you find in these depths inspires more creativity, fun, and joy in your day-to-day, which is an important aspect of the year to come. Work is ramping up in a big way, so finding ways to balance the daily grind with things that bring you pleasure is key. 


It’s time for fun. It’s time for pleasure. It’s time to take a break. Even though the sort of leisure time you’ve been craving might have felt inaccessible to you for the last few years, 2022 is a different ballgame. The name of the game is “Find Joy In Everything” and you have unlimited plays. Prioritize your desires and do so unapologetically. You’ve earned it! And while you’re at it, there are ample opportunities to further hone and share your knowledge and skills with the world around you. Breathe a little easier this year knowing your hard work is paying off. 


Did you even know who you were a year ago? Look at you now, solidifying your identity and embracing the reality of who you are and all of your potential. 2022 is a continued adjustment period of balancing uncomfortable growing pains and the necessity of continuing the hard work. But the work is paying off, and you’ll see real, tangible results of that early on. Your home, family, and ancestry become a greater focus as you pour your energy into creative ways to grow and nourish this part of your life. Stability might not feel attainable right away, but it’s the end goal, so just keep striving towards it. 


Finally, you’re back in your body in 2022. You’ve been floating around in the ether and you’ve learned a lot, but landing back on Earth invites a welcomed change of pace. Embodiment looks good on you and you’re feeling yourself again, and everyone else is feeling you too. The challenge is in remaining diligent in caretaking yourself, in all of your fluctuations. The ways in which you share your knowledge is coming back down to earth now too. Your learning and teaching is more hands-on this year, inspiring more creativity. Out of the liminal and into the physical, the material world has many gifts in store. 

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