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How a Career Creative Built His Personal Brand Online

For career creative Colin King, whose work experience has spanned everything from interior design and creative direction to product design, his personal brand grew organically before he began building it with intention. Today, with a significant portfolio and an established online following, King’s brand continues to evolve alongside his creative work.

He recently worked with Squarespace and Studio Rubric to redesign his website, aiming to streamline his online presence and enhance his personal brand. With a visual-first approach to showcasing his portfolio, King’s new site features full-screen imagery throughout, connects visitors to his social channels, and makes outreach from potential clients simple with a prominent contact form. Learn more about how the redesign has impacted his business, and the role his online presence plays in the growth of his personal brand.

Squarespace: You’ve built your own success as an interior designer, creative director, and most recently, a product designer. What inspired you to pursue a multi-hyphenate career path?

Colin King: I was able to gain so much experience in so many different fields; jumping from one place to the next professionally, I learned what I liked and what I didn’t. I think about the phrase, “borrowed confidence,” because that’s really what my journey was. In truth, people always saw things in me before I ever saw it in myself. No matter where I worked, I learned to believe in myself from the support of others. In hindsight, much of that “borrowed confidence” is what inspired me to pursue the next thing, reaching for something seemingly beyond myself.

SQSP: How has your approach to personal branding developed over the years? What advice do you have for creatives and entrepreneurs who are beginning the brand-building process?

CK: Personal branding, though important, has always been something I felt conservative about. It wasn’t until I understood more about myself and the kind of career that was unfolding, that I was able to have a vision for my brand or its style. Something I would advise creatives and entrepreneurs just starting out would be to write their story. This can help them visualize the character they’re casting themselves as, and maybe even guide them to change that character or simply go with it.

SQSP: You recently partnered with Studio Rubric and Squarespace to redesign your website and update your branding. What made you decide to evolve your online presence?

CK: I think having a strong online presence is so important no matter what industry you work in. Technology is growing more quickly than ever, so part of keeping up with the times means trusting the experts. Partnering with the talented teams at both Squarespace and Studio Rubric was a decision I knew I could trust.

SQSP: How has your new website impacted your business?

CK: Traffic to the site has definitely increased which has been amazing. Through this kind of professional presence I’ve been able to harness business that elevates and supports studio growth, which is such a help when it comes to a green practice.

SQSP: You have a significant social media following. How do you think about the relationship between your website and your social channels?

CK: It’s definitely important to me to harbor a cohesive narrative between the two (my website and my social media). I think both echo the sentiment that what and how I work is very special, and in a way, set apart. Having a unique website visually supports this in a way that lets my brand’s narrative stand on its own.

SQSP: What role does your online presence play in your overall business strategy?

CK: The role it plays has honestly been a huge part of my success. I feel very fortunate to have created a space online that feels in sync with my ever growing practice.

SQSP: How do you see your personal brand evolving in the years to come?

CK: Speaking for myself and my growing studio, I don’t want us to ever feel boxed in. Whether it’s product collaborations or styling or interior design. Having the right platform to allow this and also support this has been so gratifying to bring to life with both Squarespace and Studio Rubric as partners.

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