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How Gunnar Freyr Revamped His Online Presence

In 2014, Squarespace Brand Ambassador Gunnar Freyr left his corporate job and bought a one-way ticket to Iceland to pursue a life of adventure and hands-on experiences. Today, he has a highly engaged audience for his photography on social media, and sells prints, leads workshops, and more — all centered around documenting and celebrating Icelandic life. As Gunnar’s social following has grown over the years, so has his need for an upgraded website that enables deeper engagement with his brand.

Confronted with the unexpected realities of 2020, Gunnar audited his online presence and made a plan for adaptation. The end result is his newly redesigned website, which expands his online presence from a straightforward portfolio and print shop to a scalable digital infrastructure for long term success.

From his unique homepage to his immersive portfolio and optimized online store, learn how he brought his vision to life with the help of Squarespace designers.

Making a new first impression

Gunnar’s website was redesigned to strategically center his influencer platform, starting with the homepage. Through features like a custom coded scrolling effect and animated keyhole frame, and a visually-driven landing page layout, Gunnar’s photography serves as the foundation of his website and builds a strong connection with his social media presence. His new homepage also shares his personal story, and the menu directs visitors to an extended bio in the About section of his site where they can learn more, and reach out through a Form Block contact form.


An immersive portfolio

While his original site included a functional portfolio section that displayed individual photos, his new site offers a heightened experience of his work with an updated portfolio. With Gunnar’s photography integrated throughout the site, visitors are offered a more holistic experience of his brand. They can view more of his projects at once on an updated portfolio landing page, read project titles and descriptions to contextualize his photography, and view every photo within a project on one landing page. With the updated layout, Gunnar can display his photography in ways that are unique to his website, and authentic to his work.


Easily navigable online store

A redesigned online store allows visitors to view more prints simultaneously, and easily add items to their shopping cart. With Squarespace, Gunnar’s online store also has built-in optimizations and the option to integrate shipping and fulfillment support from third-party Extensions. He can easily add and edit prints for sale, call out limited edition print runs, and enhance his site’s automatic SEO through updated product descriptions, titles, and tags.

Launching a branded content platform

As part of his redesign, Gunnar also launched a blog by adding a blog page to his website, where he can connect with his audience through a new storytelling medium. With posts like “Visiting Iceland in Winter” and “Wrapping Up 2020,” Gunnar’s blog serves as a space to both share his knowledge and passion for Icelandic culture and connect readers with milestones in his personal life. Regularly publishing content on his website will also drive more traffic to his site and help expand his brand’s reach beyond social media.

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