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How to Choose a Website Template

Effective graphic design establishes the foundation of a strong website that attracts your ideal customers, demonstrates your professionalism, and showcases your personality. Utilizing award-winning, professionally designed website templates eliminates the guesswork of developing a polished, compelling website. 

When you’re ready to choose a template for your site, it’s essential to determine the primary functions you need. Read on to learn the six core template categories for web design, and which one is right for you.

Portfolio website templates and themes

Recommended for: Photographers, artists & designers, videographers, etc.

If you’re working in a visual medium, a portfolio website template displays your best work in a picture-forward format. With an emphasis on bold layouts and clean designs, these themes emphasize graphics, typically with minimal copywriting/marketing language. Since you can add individual projects to showcase the pieces you’re most proud of, portfolio templates also keep your website organized and easy to navigate for your potential clients, even as your collection of work continues to grow.

Ecommerce website templates and themes

Recommended for: All product-based businesses.

Present your products with a website theme that makes your online store stand out. With a focus on seamless built-in functionality, choosing an ecommerce website template brings your products to life with merchandising tools that help business run better. 

Beyond organizing and managing an unlimited number of sortable products, shoppers receive a polished browsing experience through rich product descriptions and embedded videos, plus unique images for each product variant. When it comes to selling products online, an ecommerce website template sets you up for a successful selling season.

Blog website templates and themes

Recommended for: Marketers, storytellers, creators, business owners, etc.

Blog templates help you share your viewpoints with the world. Beyond each customizable professionally-designed template, blog themes deliver built-in marketing tools that increase your reach, attract new readers, and help your messaging gain traction with the people who need it most. Whether you’re looking to schedule and sort posts, track engagement with Google Analytics, or drive traffic with built-in SEO and email campaigns, blog website templates let you take charge of the stories you tell.

Small business website templates and themes

Recommended for: Restaurants, coffee shops, wellness studios, attorneys, etc.

Small business website templates provide the look, feel, and functionality that help local companies run better. Each one emphasizes the key website elements to attracting ideal customers and clients — who you are, who you serve, where you’re located, when you’re open, and how they can contact you. The primary focus of small business website templates is easy-to-navigate user experiences that clearly communicate why customers should choose you.

Professional CV website templates and themes

Recommended for: Entrepreneurs, service providers, working professionals, etc.

When you’re ready to put your professional experience front and center, CV website templates visually organize the information so your skills are the highlight of the page. Since every template is customizable, present your resume with the precise look and feel you’re interested in. If it’s time to enhance your job search, CV website templates add a level of professionalism that’s sure to impress.

Personal website templates and themes

Recommended for: Wedding news, event planning, media & podcast promotions, etc.

Add the personal touch to your website with personal website templates. Whether you’re planning a wedding, coordinating a family reunion, or simply pursuing a personal podcast, these themes are broad enough to adapt to your needs — and specifically designed to do it beautifully. When it’s time to share about a new life endeavor, personal website templates create the polished touch.

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