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How to Create a High-Quality Video Ad in Minutes

Showcasing your products online is key when you’re building an ecommerce business. High-quality video content helps customers get a sense of your products or offerings without experiencing them in-person. With video advertising, you can promote your brand, reach new audiences across channels, and drive sales.

If you’re launching a new brand or testing video for the first time, producing video ads can feel like a large investment — from creating a concept, to paying professionals to help make your content. Read on to learn how to create, launch, and distribute professional, high-quality video ads — all in just a few minutes:

What is video advertising?

Video advertising is a digital marketing tool that involves creating and distributing video content online. Video ads can appear before or after a streaming program, as organic or paid display ads on a website, or on social platforms like Instagram and Facebook. According to Wyzowl, 84% of people surveyed have been convinced to buy a product or service after watching a brand’s video. Quality video ads can also increase traffic to your website, help you build your brand on social media, and ultimately increase your revenue. 

Making high-quality videos doesn’t have to require a custom set, crew of professionals, or other up front costs. Tools like the Squarespace Video Studio app can help you easily create professional video ads in minutes that will increase traffic to your website and boost your online sales.

Squarespace Video Studio is free with a Squarespace website subscription or trial.

Make your first video ad with Squarespace Video Studio in five simple steps:

  1. Identify your goals

Whether you’re promoting your bestselling t-shirts or launching a new online workshop, ensure that your video ad will support your broader business objectives. Align the goals of your ad with your website’s ecommerce KPIs. Are you hoping to move inventory of a specific item? Increase ecommerce conversion rates on your website? Whether you intend to introduce a product, promote an offering, teach your audience, or share an update, Squarespace Video Studio’s guided steps and categorized templates can help you create a video ad that aligns with your goals.

2. Select a video template

Once you’ve identified your goals, select a template to streamline the process of creating your video ad. Use elements like custom colors, fonts, and your unique logo design to make your video standout. 

With features like Autofill, Squarespace Video Studio can also automatically generate video ads from products on your website, and save you valuable time on production. The app can even pull in your website fonts, colors, and other brand elements to keep your visual identity consistent across touchpoints.

Blog Article _Product Update_ Section V3.png

3. Write your script

Reference your goals to choose which messages are most important to highlight. Is your product a bestseller or newly back in stock? Let your audience know why they should be excited about your offerings. Record your own video and audio, or use Smart Voice to create audio for your script, and choose from multiple voices to narrate your ad.

4. Review and customize your video

Add, hide, or reorder sections of your video so your ad flows smoothly. Experiment with fonts, colors, and backgrounds, and consider creating multiple versions of your video to see which one performs best. Change one element, like background color, to test whether it impacts engagement. Over time, you can gather learnings about your video performance and optimize your video ads for specific audiences and channels.

5. Distribute your video ad

Posting your video ad on social channels is as easy as one click. Squarespace Video Studio automatically resizes video ads so you can easily create video ads for Facebook, Instagram, and other key social platforms. The same way that Squarespace website templates have built-in responsive design, your video ads will be tailored to appear consistently across the platforms. 

Ready to grow your business with video ads? Download the Squarespace Video Studio app.

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