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Your First Email Campaign

Looking for a new way to connect with your customers? Try sending a marketing email. Email is 40 times more effective for acquiring customers than Facebook or Twitter. Squarespace’s Email Campaigns makes it easy for you to create, design, and send best-in-class content to your entire mailing list. If you haven’t tried out this new tool, here’s how you can get started today:

Step 1: Determine what kind of email you want to send

First, simply decide what you’d like to say. Perhaps you want to promote a sale or send a ‘thank you’ note to your most loyal customers. Or you just wrote a new blog post and would like to share it with your mailing list. Or you’re hosting an event next week and want people to have a chance to RSVP. With Squarespace’s all-in-one platform, you can build emails that are visually consistent with your website so your customers will recognize who the email is from right away. Simply click “Create” then choose whether you’d like to send a “blast email,” which are individual campaigns that you can send to a mailing list or an “automated email,” which are email campaigns you can set up to send after a person performs a specific action on your website. Then browse the layouts within Email Campaigns on your dashboard to see which one best suits your message. You can also build your own layout by choosing ‘Start Blank.’

Step 2: Start creating your first email

Once you’ve found the layout that works best for you, it’s time to start adding your content. You can repurpose existing images and descriptions from your website,  or you can start fresh. Add in some new photos from your latest product line or share a party picture from last year’s birthday bash. Then write some copy to make sure your message stands out. Spend some time thinking about your subject line, too. Creative, intriguing, or funny subject lines will stand out in crowded inboxes and inspire your recipients to open  your email.

Step 3: Choose your audience

You can add subscribers manually, import a mailing list from another service, or add a subscription form to your website so fans of your brand can sign up for your list. Make sure you’ve set up your sender details (and verified your domain) so none of your beautiful emails end up stuck in a spam filter. 

Step 4: Use Squarespace Analytics to track your success

Once you’ve sent your first marketing email, you’ll be able to track your success using the Email Campaigns Dashboard. If you are on a Basic or Advanced Commerce plan, you can also see the sales resulting from the email campaign in the Traffic Sources panel in Analytics. 

Step 5: Start planning your next email campaign

Now that you’re an email marketing pro, it’s time to start getting ready for your next campaign. You already know how beautiful, seamless, and impactful email marketing can be. Don’t lose your momentum—choose your plan today. For as little as $7/month, you can continue standing out in any inbox. We retained all of your mailing lists and drafts so you can keep sending beautiful emails to your audience, whether you’re sharing a blog post, sending an event invitation, or announcing a sale on your products or services—choose the plan that’s right for you.

Watch our webinar here, to learn more about growing your brand audience.

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