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Ask Us: Integrating Social Media Into Your Website

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There are many important factors that contribute to building and maintaining a brand, and social media marketing is no exception. When you publish on-brand content for your community, it can help further validate your brand, and increase recognition and recall. 

But creating and sustaining a social media presence isn’t always easy. From putting together a social strategy, to generating and publishing content, a branded social media presence is time-consuming and involves a variety of strategic and creative skills. Integrating social media into your website gives you the ability to display content from your social channels on your site, and automatically share content from your site with your followers. By integrating your site and social media presence, you can streamline your social strategy, grow your following, and ensure that you get more mileage out of your hard work. Getting started is simple:

Connect your social media accounts to your website

This is one of the easiest ways to leverage your social strategy. Connecting your social media accounts allows you to share social content on your site and display your social profiles for visitors. With connected accounts, Squarespace enables you to input SEO descriptions and visually engaging thumbnails for individual pages and posts. This maximizes your content’s performance both on your site and when shared by your visitors on social channels. Over time, connecting your social media accounts to your site may help increase engagement with your social media posts and foster a consistent, trustworthy brand narrative across channels. 

Add social icons

Once your social media accounts are connected, you’ll want to add social icons to your site to ensure that your site visitors can actually view and follow your social media accounts. Linking your social accounts to these icons enables your visitors to find you wherever you maintain a presence on the web. Icons include logos for many common platforms, and you can even add link or mail icons that can bring users to any website or email address you choose.

Make your content shareable

Just as there are tools within Squarespace to display your social content on your website, there are also tools that will allow you to push content out from your site to your social media profiles. Use the built-in share option to push new content to your preferred social media accounts as you publish it to your site. This is a great shortcut, cutting down on time spent manually opening your social profiles to copy and paste links.

Measure your success with Analytics

Once you’ve connected your social media accounts to your site, you can use Squarespace Analytics to inform your content strategy across both platforms. Leverage the Popular Content panel in Squarespace Analytics to identify which pages and content resonate best with your audience. These insights can help inform your content strategy across both your website and social media presence. Ultimately, focusing on content that yields the most engagement will only deepen brand loyalty and help expand your audience.

Ready to connect your social media presence to a website? Get started by browsing Squarespace templates.

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