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Just Launched: Volume 6

Editor’s Note: Check out the newest websites on Squarespace with Just Launched, a roundup of sites — and their founders — that are making an impact on and offline.

An online presence has the power to make creative dreams and business goals a reality. With Squarespace, millions of people have brought their ideas online and achieved success through sheer persistence, problem-solving, and passion. No matter the end goal of an idea, the first step in getting there is sharing it with the world. If you believe in something, launch it.

This month, we’re highlighting three new sites and the people behind them that have recently done just that.

The Old Yew

August Laska launched his Connecticut-based landscape design and garden installation company in April of 2020 after being furloughed from his corporate marketing job. He recalls that “I gardened for friends, family, friends of friends... and then I started getting phone calls from people I didn't know asking me to come work in their gardens.” While August’s initial business built organically, he quickly applied strategy to scaling The Old Yew online. Since the initial launch of his site last year, it’s grown to include a contact page for prospective clients and an online store offering plants, gardening books, and Italian pottery.

Laska explains that his website has been integral to the growth of his business: “My site has to act as a hub for everything from lead generation through customer retention, and I know I can achieve exactly the experience I want using Squarespace's powerful ecommerce, portfolio, and integration tools.” In the future, he hopes to expand The Old Yew to include a brick and mortar store, allowing him to connect customers with their plants-to-be in person and online.

CanDo Kiddo

Founded six years ago by Rachel Coley, CanDo Kiddo is an online platform that supports strengths-based development for both parents and children. After aggregating years of content on her site, Coley decided to pursue a redesign in partnership with Squarespace Circle member Knapsack Creative. Knapsack’s work, which included custom design and content structuring, was integral to the success of the new site. Coley loves “the strategic and creative ways they used Squarespace features to make both the front-end and back-end of my site more organized and manageable — a win for visitors and for my team.” 

On her new site, parents can easily access books, consulting services, free resources, and a blog to learn more about strengths-based development. In the future, Coley plans to offer ongoing memberships to enable more personalized connection, “and offer spaces to build rich, diverse communities of individuals seeking support for the same challenges.”

SAY Doughnuts

A UK-based micro-bakery, SAY Doughnuts was launched in the pandemic after Sarah Ball’s passion for baking started gaining popularity with family and friends — and with a wider audience through social media. Outside of being stocked in a limited number of brick and mortar stores, SAY’s success is largely fueled by online sales. After trying a few different website building platforms, SAY Doughnuts made the switch to Squarespace “for ease of use, customer experience, and to make lightwork of our issues surrounding ordering and delivery.” 

The new website includes an online store where customers can place orders, information about local retailers, an updated menu, and contact form. As SAY Doughnuts grows, Ball hopes to continue expanding into brick and mortar sales and become “the go to guys for doughnuts and cinnamon buns far and wide.”

Ready to launch your business online? Get started with Squarespace.

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