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Just Launched: Volume 7

Editor’s Note: Check out the newest websites on Squarespace with Just Launched, a roundup of sites — and their founders — that are making an impact on and offline.

An online presence has the power to make creative dreams and business goals a reality. With Squarespace, millions of people have brought their ideas online and achieved success through sheer persistence, problem-solving, and passion. No matter the end goal of an idea, the first step in getting there is sharing it with the world. If you believe in something, launch it.

This month, we’re highlighting four new sites and the people behind them that have recently done just that.

Grange Winery

For Canada-based Grange Winery, handselling wine through their traditional brick and mortar business was foundational for 15 years. In the pandemic, mother-daughter owners Maggie and Caroline Granger decided to build an online presence to adapt to the digital-first marketplace. Their new website includes tasting kits, gift cards, and information about private events and virtual tastings they’re offering in the pandemic. Maggie explains, “Squarespace has allowed us to create our retail experience online. Each bottle on the online shop has beautiful imagery, informative tasting notes, the story of the winery and winemakers, and our philosophy.” 

Maggie notes that the new website has inspired them to continue creating more online experiences for their customers. From guided tastings to virtual tours of the winery, she explains that “hearing from the winemaker and seeing how and where the wine is made hugely impact people's appreciation of what's in their glass! They see that it's a hand-made, totally unique, artisanal product.”

Undone Stitch and Duo Hue

Motivated to start her own business after production on a work project came to an end, Amelia Ayerst launched her UK-based custom embroidery and design companies Undone Stitch and Duo Hue during the pandemic. Ayerst offers bespoke embroidery through Undone Stitch, sharing the company story, a contact form, and customer reviews as part of her online store. Through Duo Hue’s online presence, including an online store, press page, and contact information, she plans to build on a specialist embroidery technique she developed herself. Ayerst explains that the technique “allows colors to change in appearance and hue as movement is introduced.”

Ayerst, who created both websites herself, will “continue to build and refine and expand their respective offerings.” Over the next year, she plans to increase her online visibility and develop a global brand presence.

Freytag Anderson

Founded in 2013, Greig Anderson and Daniel Freytag’s Scottish design studio, Freytag Anderson, recently underwent a full redesign. Elevating their online presence in partnership with a Marketplace expert, Anderson and Freytag had clear objectives for their new site’s structure, which includes a projects page and an about page. Anderson explains, “one of the key drivers for the new site was to make it as clean and simple to navigate both on desktop or on mobile and make better use of the dynamic motion and video work we are now doing within our branding projects.”

Reflecting on the updated site, Anderson notes that the studio’s online presence “plays a fundamental role in not only showcasing the work we do as a design studio but also as a place to let potential clients get a sense of the way we work, the people, our experience and the  design process we employ in all projects.” In the pandemic, their refreshed online presence has enabled them to drive new business and generate more awareness of their work.

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