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Just Launched: Volume 9

Editor’s Note: Check out the newest websites on Squarespace with Just Launched, a roundup of sites — and their founders — that are making an impact on and offline.

An online presence has the power to make creative dreams and business goals a reality. With Squarespace, millions of people have brought their ideas online and achieved success through sheer persistence, problem-solving, and passion. No matter the end goal of an idea, the first step in getting there is sharing it with the world. If you believe in something, launch it.

This month, we’re highlighting three new sites and the people behind them that have recently done just that.

Space Youth Services

Space Youth Services is a UK-based organization dedicated to professional youth work, community projects, and other services that ensure young people have the best opportunities to succeed. When the pandemic started and youth centers had to be closed, Space accelerated an existing goal to create more digital-first points of connection with young people. Partnering with Squarespace Circle member, Altitude Design, and surveying community members for input and feedback, Space relaunched a bespoke website with updated video content explaining the services offered, and landing pages to help visitors find a youth space, become members, show support, and learn more about the organization. 

 A spokesperson for Space explains that, since the relaunch, they’ve renewed their strategic objectives and plan “to reach more young people and their communities across Devon and beyond by at least 40% over the next five years.” In addition to creating more awareness and support for the services Space offers, their revamped website “provides an additional contact point for young people, parents, stakeholders, partners and commissioners” as Space continues to scale.

Studio Paperie

For Catherine Northorpe, her business idea first started as a newly discovered passion during the pandemic. Learning the craft of marbling, Northorpe “immediately fell in love with the intricate and vibrant patterns it allows you to create, and thus set up Studio Paperie in the hopes of offering a more contemporary approach to the art form.” Studio Paperie’s website, which Northorpe launched herself, includes an online shop, about page, contact form, and FAQs for visitors. 

Though she considers herself a creative first, Northorpe notes, “I’ve found the accessibility of Squarespace and social media to be super helpful, especially in the initial stages.” As a new small business owner, Northorpe notes, “my online presence is a vital part of my business strategy. It allows me to communicate directly with customers, and gain a deeper understanding of their wants and needs.” Northorpe also sees her website as an opportunity to show visitors how her custom designs are made, showing the value and artistry of her work and setting it apart. In the years ahead, she plans to “continue developing my product range and build on the sustainability of my business.”

Romford Rock and Boulder

A UK-based bouldering gym, Romford Rock and Boulder was launched by Maxwell Hearne and Alex Spencer in November of 2019. Navigating a new business amid three pandemic lockdowns, they were motivated to build out a more robust online presence. The end result is a website that enables visitors to book online with Squarespace Scheduling, find information to prepare for their first visit, and purchase merch in the gym’s online store

Spencer explains that the gym’s website is key to its success: “Our online presence has allowed us to see how our customers are interacting via online searches, reviews, questions, requests. We’ve been able to sell products and subscriptions through the website during closure enabling us to retain a small income. Customers can now complete digital waivers freeing up time in the gym.” 

Scheduling has become integral to the gym’s day-to-day operations, enabling them to “gauge what periods are busy and require extra or less staffing, control the capacity, adhere to COVID-19 guidelines with checking in customers — and have a quick system to contact our customers, also.” Though the business has already had to continually evolve since its launch, the founders look forward to expanding the community they’ve already built through the gym.

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