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Launch Lessons: Nwando Emejulu on Giving Movement a Mission

Welcome to Launch Lessons: our series featuring Squarespace entrepreneurs who have built their own businesses through sheer persistence, problem-solving, and passion. These founders are sharing their stories with the next generation of aspiring entrepreneurs with big ideas. If you believe in something, launch it.

In June of 2020, contemporary pilates instructor Nwando Emejulu co-founded Move with Purpose, determined to turn a workout into a more long-term commitment to social justice and positive change for the Black community. This club consists of a weekly 50-minute pilates-style movement class open to the public where all proceeds are donated to nonprofit organizations, all supporting the Black community and the movement to end racism. We spoke to Nwando about the inspiration behind the class and how her experience has been launching a new business in the middle of a pandemic.

SQUARESPACE: What did you find most challenging about the launch of your website or business?

NWANDO EMEJULU: When the lockdown started, a lot of people were eager to workout to stay in shape and mentally sane and that created great attendance and higher donations for our causes. Now I find the most challenging thing about launching a business like mine is keeping the clients motivated to move for themselves while donating to a great cause. 

SQSP: When did you know you were ready to launch your business?

NE: I knew I was ready to launch a business when we realized that there were very few companies/studios that were teaching classes for a good cause on a consistent basis. Consistency is very important to create impactful changes. I got to know and build a friendship with my co-founders and director of partnerships and I knew that we could be a strong team to start and maintain a healthy and successful business.

SQSP: Was there a moment - before or after going live - when you had to shift your game plan? How did you navigate that change? 

NE: After the lockdown was lifted, attendance dropped but thankfully we didn’t have to navigate a drastic change and we are grateful for the continuous support from our clients. We are expecting a slight shift in attendance as the holidays set in which is normal in the fitness industry. 

SQSP: What’s one piece of advice you would like to share with aspiring entrepreneurs?

NE: A piece of advice is when you start a business, know who you are at the core and find a team that you wholeheartedly trust. You want a team where everyone has different strengths and the team who is committed to make the company successful with time and effort.

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