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Launch Lessons: The Creators of Waiakoa Wildflowers

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Welcome to Launch Lessons: our new series featuring Squarespace entrepreneurs who have built their own businesses through sheer persistence, problem-solving, and passion. These founders are sharing their stories with the next generation of aspiring entrepreneurs with big ideas. If you believe in something, launch it.

Based in Kula, Hawaii, Waiakoa Wildflowers is a small scale organic flower farm and design studio. Founded by Zena Kreider and her sister, the team is committed to providing their clients with locally grown, sustainably produced, and eco-friendly packaged arrangements that reflect the seasonality of their home state. We spoke to Zena about what it was like to launch their website and how she believes that you should never be afraid to ask for help.

SQUARESPACE: What did you find most challenging about the launch of your website or business?

Zena Kreider: The most challenging aspect was clarifying the vision and translating it in a way that could be easily understood by our customers. We wanted anyone visiting to have a concise understanding of our offerings. Also, learning the website platform brought about its unique challenges. Squarespace live chat was an invaluable resource and the only reason our website is live today. Being non-tech-savvy, the support enabled us to learn the program and become confident in our ability to bring the vision to life.  

SQSP: When did you know you were ready to launch your business?

ZK: It got to a point where launching the website just had to happen. We were becoming increasingly nitpicky and just needed to let go. We were working with a web designer for a couple of years before our launch of and paying for our Squarespace platform. This was not working for us simply because it was too challenging to translate the vision to a web designer. We needed to see it come to life throughout the whole creation and to have ultimate control over the aesthetic. We finally took it into our own hands and with the assistance of Squarespace support we were able to empower ourselves and become confident in our capacity to make our vision a reality.


SQSP: Was there a moment - before or after going live - when you had to shift your game plan? How did you navigate that change?

ZK: Not really. One day we just felt that it was the day to share our vision with the world. Also, a friend let us know about halfway through working on the website that it was live! Haha! So, definitely make sure to have your website set to private if you don't want anyone to see your entire process.

SQSP: What’s one piece of advice you would like to share with aspiring entrepreneurs?

ZK: Be kind to yourself and don't be afraid to ask for help. You can learn anything and will be incredibly empowered when you give yourself a chance.  

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