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Launch Lessons: The Mother/Daughter Team Behind Le Car

Welcome to Launch Lessons: our new series featuring Squarespace entrepreneurs who have built their own businesses through sheer persistence, problem-solving, and passion. These founders are sharing their stories with the next generation of aspiring entrepreneurs with big ideas. If you believe in something, launch it.

Le Car launched with a singular mission in mind: “to make life with cars less of a hassle.” Co-founders Tamara and Henriette Warren, a mother-daughter team, created a personalized car research platform designed for shoppers looking for a simple, time-saving way to buy a car. We sat down with Tamara to learn more about how the idea for this business came about and what advice she has for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Squarespace: What did you find most challenging about the launch of your website or business?

Tamara Warren: We have a big vision for Le Car, but we had to be strategic on what to do first.  Once we determined the path to build a car shopping platform for women, it took many conversations to get the right team into place. I’m an editor by training, so it all came down to defining our business through the lens of an editorial process. We always say, "Keep it simple."

SQSP: When did you know you were ready to launch your business?

TW: In 2016, I had my daughter, and one month later, my father died. As I moved through the dizzying days of raising a newborn, while grieving my dad, I felt my sense of purpose shifting. I am a lifelong feminist and I realized that I wanted the next stage of my work to support other women. My mom and I began to imagine what a company of our own would look like. It was not lost on us that my dad — an automotive engineer and marketer — would get a kick out of our brazen vision to build a car shopping platform. I had a lightbulb moment when a friend asked me to help her buy a car over text. Our text exchange became the bones of the Le Car flow. At the time, I was in a new editorial role in journalism, and I didn’t want to leave the reporters on my team in a lurch. It took me two years to take the leap, and quit my job. There is no perfect moment to take a chance on a new venture. Parenting has taught me that, too. It’s about diving in, and being willing to take risks supported by hours of hard work. 


SQSP: Was there a moment — before or after going live — when you had to shift your game plan? How did you navigate that change?

TW: We are non-traditional founders; we are a mother daughter team. Prior to Le Car, my mom served as a COO and I had two decades of experience in journalism. When we first launched Le Car, we focused on what was new to us, which was how to navigate the tech landscape. We went through an accelerator program and learned so much about startup culture in three months. As we've grown, we realize that our collective experience is one of our greatest strengths.

SQSP: What’s one piece of advice you would like to share with aspiring entrepreneurs?

TW: The power of breath. Breathe through the heady moments. Breathe through inevitable challenges. Breathe when it feels overwhelming, and breathe in the moment when you achieve a milestone. Anything worth doing has its ups and downs, and it is always important to maintain a big picture perspective on what matters most to you. Go take a walk, and get your body moving.

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