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Listen to ‘Making It’: Squarespace’s New Audio Series for Creators & Entrepreneurs

For most entrepreneurs, launching a business starts with an idea: A TikTok profile becomes a career in content creation. A candle-making hobby becomes an online storefront. A weekend photo shoot becomes a stunning portfolio. We wanted to learn more about our customers’ processes, and how they turn those ideas into thriving businesses. That’s why we launched Making It, a new original audio series about starting and sustaining a small business today.

Our host, Alex Wolf, launched her first internet company when she was 22-years-old. “Starting my business didn’t just change my life professionally,” she says, “it reshaped who I am.” Today, Alex is a creative executive producer who creates meaningful content about technology, culture, innovation, and economics. As an entrepreneur herself, she constantly finds herself in conversation with people on the brink of launching their next big thing. “Everyone has a different definition of success,” she explains. “‘Making it’ to me means you are living life in a way that directs you towards that definition.” 

On the Making It audio series, Alex sits down with creators and entrepreneurs to learn more about their journeys and backstories, what motivated them to pursue their businesses, and the setbacks they've overcome along the way. If you’re looking to start a new idea—or take your work to the next level—this audio series is for you.

In the first episode, Alex sits down with director and photographer Joshua Kissi. Together they explore where our ideas come from, and how to channel them into a creative career. You’ll also hear from Brandon Stosuy, Editor-in-Chief of the Creative Independent, on what business owners can take away from a more artistic perspective. Listen to it below.

In the next episode, Alex speaks with Rachael Petach of Current Cassis about how becoming a  business owner helped her become more comfortable with the unknown. Then, musician Open Mike Eagle shares his advice to creatives on facing your insecurities head on. Check it out below.

In the third episode, Alex is joined by podcaster Baratunde Thurston and consultant Hanna Thomas Uose to discuss how creatives can balance the use of digital tools alongside their work. Tune in to this episode below.

Making It is for anyone who has an idea that they’re hoping to get off the ground. “This audio series is for any person who has just decided they'd like to be an entrepreneur,” Alex says. “It's perfect for beginners who want to hear what running a creative business really looks like.” From exploring the genesis of an idea to learning how to use technology thoughtfully, Making It covers topics that will help entrepreneurs who are just beginning their journeys feel less alone. 

Ready to tune in?

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