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Start Marketing Your Photography Business

You’ve honed your eye, built your portfolio, launched your own photography website, and started booking clients. You’re ready to take the next step in growing your business and building your brand by ensuring people can find and engage with your business online.

Use these tips to help more prospective clients to discover your photography business, get more bookings on your calendar, and get paid for more photoshoots. It all begins with increasing the visibility of your business and making it simpler to schedule with you

Embed your scheduler wherever you have an online presence

The easier it is for prospective clients to book their initial photography consultation or photoshoot with you, the more likely they are to do it. By using online scheduling, which allows clients to self-schedule in only a few clicks based on your real-time availability, you’re unblocking one big hurdle for your clients. 

Your website is the first place you want to make sure you’ve shared your online scheduler. With Squarespace Scheduling you can embed an Appointment Block into your website template. Your website is just one place where your audience is exploring your work — particularly for a visual medium like photography, potential clients and fans are likely to find and engage with your work on social media. Integrate your scheduler into your Facebook or Instagram accounts, so clients can book as part of their scrolling experience. 

When you feature your scheduler on your website and social media, you’re simultaneously creating an opportunity to showcase your latest work and an easy way for clients to book with you. 

Make your business more discoverable on search engines

Next to social media and word of mouth, search engines tend to be one of the first places where people go to find the services they need. It’s crucial that your business and website show up in major search engines. 

Here are the first few steps you should take in order to optimize your photography website for organic search:

  • Add a site title. If you're using a logo that displays your business name, you should still add a site title, as the text may be indexed by search engines. Include one or more keywords relevant to your business, and it is recommended to keep the title under 60 characters.

  • Add SEO descriptions. Each page on your site should have a unique SEO description. The text should be short (we suggest 50-300 characters) and clearly describe the content of the page. This is another opportunity to use keywords, but your SEO description should still be a sentence that a human can understand. Pasting a block of keywords into your SEO description or using one keyword repetitively is known as “keyword stuffing” and it can negatively impact your ranking in search results. You can also add SEO descriptions to individual blog posts, gallery pages, or products.

  • Ensure SSL is enabled. Confirm your SSL panel is set to the “Secure” setting. Sites without SSL may be penalized.

  • Verify your website and client scheduling page on Google Search Console.

  • If you have a studio or physical space, claim your Google My Business listing and ensure it’s up to date.

  • Start a blog on your website. Cover topics relevant to your business and use terms that your potential customers are likely to use in their search for the perfect photographer. That will help your website rank in search results for those terms. Another approach might be to add copy to your portfolio pages describing each project. Consistently publishing new content or updating existing content can help improve and maintain your ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs). 

Squarespace templates come with built-in elements that will benefit your website’s overall SEO, but the higher up your photography business appears in SERPs, the better. That’s why learning how to use SEO on your Squarespace website and beyond will benefit your business’s visibility.

Manage location information online

If you have a studio or other physical space for your business, make sure that your contact details are up to date across business listings, maps, and navigation apps. Those details can improve both discoverability (for clients in your area searching for “professional photographers near me”) and credibility for clients who may be doing a lot of research or due diligence before choosing a photographer. 

Learn how you can manage your location listings directly in your Squarespace account dashboard (for Commerce and Business plans only).

Claim your business listing in online directories and review hubs

Managing location information is one step, but some directories — especially review websites — require you to “claim” and manage your listing. These listings offer another way to get discovered, as well as valuable backlinks to your website, which can contribute to your SEO. They also often emphasize customer reviews and ratings, which help build trust with prospective clients. That also showcases how you interact with your customers, since many sites offer you the opportunity to respond to customers who share dissatisfaction in reviews and thank your enthusiastic customers. 

Ask current clients for reviews

Increase the number of reviews on those directories or hubs by linking current clients to your business listing. It’s easy to incorporate that question into your follow-up email after customers’ photoshoots. For more engaged or recurring clients, you can also create a questionnaire to ask your clients for testimonials, which are useful to share on your website, social channels, and other marketing materials. 

Cultivating your relationship with current clients through a mailing list, social media, or asking for those testimonials can also lead to more brand awareness. Those relationships with your clients keep you on their radar and can lead to more word of mouth marketing. If your photography business stays top of mind, clients will be more likely to become returning customers and recommend you to friends who are looking for a photographer. 

Before you promote your photography business far and wide, set yourself up for success with the best online scheduling software.

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