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Save Time with Squarespace Scheduling

You’ve invested a lot of time and energy into building your business—and a beautiful website. Squarespace Scheduling can enable that website to do more for you, and for customers looking for your services.

Wherever you and your customers are located, and no matter how you’re connecting, Squarespace Scheduling empowers you to customize any by-appointment services or offerings on your site, and it empowers your customers to book their own appointments based on your schedule. No more endless phone tag or email threads, period. 

Schedule appointments anywhere, integrate with video conferencing to welcome customers to online yoga classes, or dial into events with virtual llama cameos. The possibilities are as infinite as your creativity. 

In a survey we conducted, we ask participants how much time they saved by automating their business with online scheduling platforms. 42% of participants surveyed reported that they save up to 5 hours every week! That’s even more time available for you to focus on the work that matters, while Squarespace takes care of the scheduling logistics. 

Check out some of the most time-saving Squarespace Scheduling features that’ll make your hustle feel like less of a bustle. 

Make it simple for your customers to book online

Create a customer experience that fits seamlessly into your Squarespace website. 

With a Squarespace Scheduling subscription, you can add an Appointment Scheduling Block that matches the rest of your brand’s aesthetic. Once you customize your availability and appointment types, your customers can easily select the time that suits them. 

Squarespace Scheduling will notify you when a new appointment is booked, and syncs with your calendar so there’s no chance of double-booking.

Automate reminders and payments so customers show up

We found in a survey we conducted that 89% of participants surveyed who send reminder notifications to their customers also see a dramatic decrease in no-call no-shows. 

Automated email and SMS text reminders help to keep your brand on your customers’ minds—which makes them more likely to commit to their appointments and show up on time. You can even customize your message content and the timing of reminders depending on different appointment types. By automating reminders, confirmations, and other types of email notifications, you’ll have more time to focus on real work, instead of busywork. 

Another way to make sure customers make it to their appointments: Accept payments or partial deposits at the point of sale. Connecting a payment processor (Square, Stripe, or PayPal) streamlines the Squarespace Scheduling experience for you and your customers. 

According to the survey we conducted, 84% of participants surveyed who accept deposits at the point of booking reported that those deposits have cut down on cancellations and no-call no-shows. Once your customers are invested, they’re more likely to commit to what you’ve planned. 

Control your schedule

Don’t let your schedule control you. 

Customize what you’d like to offer, exactly when you’d like to offer it. 

Say you want to take new customer consultation calls in the morning, work with returning customers in the afternoon, and offer classes only on certain evenings. With Squarespace Scheduling, you can set up your appointments and availability to maximize your productivity and cut down on context-switching throughout your day. 

If you’re traveling farther than the distance between your kitchen and your home office, Squarespace Scheduling also gives you the power to set up buffers on your calendar that account for travel time between appointments. Wherever you work, those buffers can also help you structure your day to make time for an actual drink of water or make space to prepare for your next appointment. 

As we mentioned, nearly half of our users say that they save up to 5 hours a week by using Squarespace Scheduling to automate their businesses. That’s 11 days a year that you didn’t have free before. 

Need more information about Squarespace scheduling? Check out our webinar here.

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