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Selling Content Subscriptions Online

Achieving more impact, reach, and revenue are ongoing goals of most business owners. Rather than relying solely on one-on-work work to grow your company, consider serving your customers and clients by selling online content subscriptions. Using a content subscription service like Member Areas is an easy way to attract a new wave of customers who can’t wait to continue working with you. 

Overview of content subscriptions

Typically hidden behind a paywall on your website, content memberships and subscriptions provide your members with value on a recurring basis, as you continue uploading content into your Member Area. This content can range from video workshops to protected blog posts, and nearly everything in between. 

Member Areas and content subscriptions work exceptionally well as replacements for — or supplements to — existing one-on-one client work. Since one-on-one work typically comes with a higher price point, content subscriptions are a way for clients to work with you who otherwise may not be able to invest in your solo coaching, consulting, or strategy work

Additionally, Member Areas only require you to create content once, for your entire group of members. This eliminates any redundancy on your end, while allowing you to scale your reach and generate recurring revenue. Members will be paying each month, creating a reliable income flow you can count on. Just keep in mind that any contract set in place regarding subscriptions terms also applies to you — if you require members to subscribe to your content for three months, you’re committing to delivering three months of content.

Examples of content subscriptions

When it comes to selling content subscriptions through a Member Area, the possibilities are nearly limitless. For example, if you’re a wellness practitioner, each month may deliver one workshop, one workbook exercise, and one somatic experience — like an audio meditation with tapping — that relates back to the month’s theme. 

If you’re a maker or creator, perhaps you give your members a behind-the-scenes time lapse video of your art in progress, or access to a private podcast that discusses your process. From new chapters of your book to printable quotes, Member Areas allow you to deliver the content your audience resonates with. 

Promoting content subscriptions

Once your Member Area is in place and your content is mapped out, it’s time to promote your content subscription to grow your member list. Beyond the standard promotional tools like influencer marketing or optimizing your SEO, gain momentum in your member subscriptions by including a trial of your Member Area in an existing course or service.

Let potential members experience the value of a content subscription by giving them a one-month trial as a bonus to a workshop or service you’re already selling. Whether it’s a complimentary trial or discounted with a coupon code, having access to the private portal proves the innate value of your content subscription. Since these are already customers and clients who trust in your work, inviting them to join the Member Area is a natural progression of your professional relationship.

Ready to generate recurring revenue, scale your impact, and sell your content subscription?

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