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So-Hee Woo: Most Likely to Introduce You to Your Digital Self

So-Hee Woo would like us all to get to know our digital self. As an industrial designer who works across platforms and mediums, she’s experimenting with the balance between the physical and digital world. When asked what led an industrial designer to be so interested in the digital space, So-Hee adds, “I believe that industrial design can bring a new layer of tactile interaction that engages our senses to pique an emotive and exploratory curiosity to this technological era.”

With the proliferation of social media, So-Hee believes there’s a version of ourselves that’s been completely fabricated through our interaction with the digital space. With this, she’s interested in decorating these identities we’ve created online. “If I lived in this middle plane and I wanted to express my personality, how would I do it? Then if I wanted to hide that, if I wanted to hide from other people in my digital presence, how would I do that?” 

“When designing for the future, you’re ultimately asking people to confront the choices that they’ve already made. And that requires a lot of personal self-reflection.”

So-Hee has an optimistic outlook for the future, but feels a lot of pressure because right now is a big moment of change. “We spent so much time in the past talking about how to communicate with each other,” she said. “But we did all of it so that now we have the confidence to know what we want out of life to decide what to do next. And I think that’s extremely powerful and that is the positivity.” 

So-Hee recently graduated with a Master’s in Industrial Design, and recently completed her MBA as well.

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