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Sorelle Amore: Stand Out With a Website

Maybe you’re about to start your first job or you’d like to finally launch that side hustle you’ve been thinking about. With this series, our Squarespace YouTube creators share their own stories and tell you how to get started. It’s time to embrace this next chapter and run with it.

“For anyone who is trying to take their ideas or dreams to the next level or anyone entering some kind of transition period in your life, I want to be able to help you to enter that next chapter, and Squarespace allows you to do that.”

Sorelle Amore is currently a successful photographer, filmmaker, influencer, and businesswoman who leverages inspiring messages about travel, photography, and improving one’s life to engage with her over 1.4 million followers on YouTube and Instagram.

But back in 2017, she was facing major personal and financial challenges. When she heard about ThirdHome’s “Best Job On the Planet” competition, she thought, “There was my ticket out of hell.” The job entailed traveling to 12 luxurious homes around the world while documenting the experience—and getting paid $10,000 per month. “The next step was to create a one-minute submission video… then just email it in, right? If I put my heart out and tell them… I’m perfect for it, it’ll work, correct?”

Fortunately, Amore was savvier than to believe her enthusiasm was enough to qualify her for the “best job on the planet.” “Anyone applying for a dream job or trying to get a client if you’re a freelancer, there are a lot of people applying for these jobs.” She knew that “simplicity and professionalism” were the keys to get her in the door, and that she needed to stand out from more than 17,000 other applicants. So she built a Squarespace site for her submission video—and included additional videos, photography, and other relevant work to demonstrate her expertise for the role. 

Amore had been building websites for years before she created that submission site, and had switched to Squarespace for its ease of use as her personal platform developed. “You can update your website anytime to reflect brand new skills you’ve acquired or your new stage of life… It has to grow as you grow. Flexibility of life is key!” 

To get a glimpse of where Sorelle Amore’s Squarespace site has taken her, and hear her recommendations on the basics of any good personal website, watch the video above.

To learn more about Sorelle’s work, visit or check out her YouTube channel.

To take your life to the next level with a personal website, visit to get started.

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