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Squarespace Search Keywords: An Updated View

Understanding how people find your website through search engines can provide powerful insights you can use to improve your site content and grow your audience—whether you want more eyes on a creative project or more orders for your products. This is search engine optimization, or SEO: implementing strategies and tactics applied to help your website appear in search results for keywords relevant to your brand, products, and customers.

To empower Squarespace customers to make better decisions for their sites and businesses, we’ve added a new Search Keywords Panel to our Analytics experience. The Search Keywords Panel combines data previously split between two panels (Google Search Keywords and Other Search Keywords). This updated view enables you to understand what people are searching for online when they find your Squarespace website. By drilling down into this data for each page on your site, you can see how visitors are finding specific content on your site via search engines, and use these insights to improve overall site traffic through SEO.

If you’ve already connected Google Search Console to your Squarespace account, you’re ready to view your Search Keywords Panel: In the Home Menu, click Analytics, then click Search Keywords. Then click Google or Other Search Engines, depending on the traffic you want to review. 

If you’re new to reviewing your site’s performance in search, you’ll want to connect Google Search Console to your Squarespace account to get started understanding your site’s performance in search. Connecting this free service to your Squarespace site is simple.

How to Connect Google Search Console to Your Squarespace Website 

  1. Create a Google account, if you don’t already have one.

  2. Publish your Squarespace site, if it’s not already live.

  3. Navigate to Search Keywords (Home Menu > Analytics > Search Keywords)

  4. Click “Connect” in the pop-up.

  5. Follow the prompts to login to your Google account.

  6. Review permissions and click “Allow.”

It will take 72 hours for Google Search Console data to populate your Search Keywords Panel. Learn more about how Google Search Console verifies your website domain.

Measuring your website’s performance offers you opportunities to understand what motivates your visitors, how they find you, and where on your site they take action (like completing a contact form or making a purchase). Our Analytics provide a clear, intuitive view of your site traffic sources, visitor behavior, best content, and for Commerce sites, your sales metrics and purchase funnel—so you can assess your site needs and deliver the experience your visitors want without drowning in data and pivot tables. 

Want to learn more about how to use SEO keywords and maximizing site potential? Stay tuned for more posts on MAKING IT about Squarespace and SEO.

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