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Before You Start a Blog

These days, it seems like almost everyone has a blog. There are more than 505 million blogs online across a variety of platforms. That’s a whole lot of people writing their thoughts, opinions, stories, recipes, updates, and more on the internet. There’s a good reason for that: 77% of internet users report that they read blogs regularly. But they’re only spending an average of 37 seconds reading each post. People are facing an avalanche of content online every day.

That means that if you’re thinking of starting a blog, the first point of order is finding your niche. Who are you trying to reach, and what inspires and delights that audience? What blogs already exist in that niche, and what makes your point of view unique? Answering these questions will ultimately help you to determine the themes and topics you will write about. Additionally, this will help you when it comes time to market your blog across other channels.

The second thing to take into account is time management. Once you’ve decided on a topic or theme, start planning out your first 5-10 posts. And then, draft them. This will help you determine how long it takes for you to complete a single post which will then inform how often you want to share a new piece on your blog. Publishing consistency is crucial when it comes to cultivating a loyal audience for your blog so you may want to start thinking about how frequently you’ll be able to get something new onto your site. Before you start posting, read through our SEO checklist to ensure that you’re applying best practices to each piece.  Whether you decide to post daily, weekly, or even monthly, adding to your blog is a great way to keep your site up-to-date. Plus, Google tends to rank frequently updated sites higher.

Next, consider what this blog is doing for your business or your personal brand. Do you want to share your journey with the world? Or do you want to update your customers on the latest product developments? Determining the goal of the blog will also help you when it comes to designing the new Blog Page. Feel free to take some time to explore the various blog template options, and see if one speaks to your brand’s style and tone. For example, if you prefer a clean and balanced grid layout, check out Skye. Or if you like a bold, striking header, you may want to try Haute. If you don’t have a custom domain already, make sure you add one to your new blog so your fans and followers know where to find you. 

Finally, it’s time to actually craft and publish the posts. It’s absolutely vital to add visuals to each of them. However, you may not have time to take or create your own imagery which is totally understandable. Instead, you can simply select some pictures for free from the Unsplash collection, available through our partnership. Or you can get access to premium stock photos, for a fee, through our Getty Images Integration. through our partnership. Make sure you also spend time coming up with clear titles and organizational tags for each of your posts. That way readers will be able to navigate your blog with ease.

By taking these things into consideration before you launch a new blog, you’ll be in a much better situation to set yourself up for success. Watch our webinar to help yourself get started.

Read our step-by-step guide to starting a beautiful blog with Squarespace.

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