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The Crossover: The New York Knicks’ Off-Court Ambitions

Beginning in 2017, Squarespace and Madison Square Garden have been working as partners on a number of initiatives focused on supporting and celebrating our shared hometown. In addition to Squarespace’s logo appearing on the New York Knicks jersey, the two companies have also co-founded the “Make It Awards,” a program that provides select local entrepreneurs with a $30,000 grant as well as other resources. 

The passion for supporting entrepreneurs runs deep within both organizations. And serves as part of the inspiration behind the new series, “The Crossover.” Being nimble is key to the success of any entrepreneur and these athletes have proven their agility on and off the court. 

This new animated series highlights three former Knicks players who have dazzled crowds with this signature move on the court and have now launched new ventures outside of the basketball arena. 

Take Earl “The Pearl” Monroe, for example. While the legendary Knicks player became known as part of the “Rolls Royce Backcourt,” he was simultaneously managing musicians on the side. In fact, he would visit radio stations while on the road with the team to convince local deejays to play his records. Soon, Pretty Pearl Records was born which ultimately evolved into Monroe’s current venture, Reverse Spin Entertainment. Watch Monroe’s story.

Earl Monroe

Nate Robinson, another Knicks player, made a name for himself as a three-time slam dunk champion. Known for his tenacity, Robinson was inspired to create a clothing line based on his personal mantra: “Holdat.” “When you prove your haters wrong, you tell them to ‘holdat,” says Robinson. The former baller works with an illustrator who helps bring his signature style and his signature characters to life. Watch Robinson’s story.

Nate Robinson

Speaking of style, Walt ‘Clyde’ Frazier knows how to deliver an iconic look. Known to fans as a legendary player and broadcaster, Frazier exemplifies flair with his memorable suits, wide-brim hats, and luxury cars. Off the court, Frazier prefers a much more low key vibe which is why he decided to launch his own vacation property, situated in St. Croix. On the island, Frazier provides his guests with a different kind of flair, serving as their main host, interior decorator, and occasional chef. Watch Frazier’s story.

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