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Three Celebrity Stylists on Building an Online Presence

Squarespace has partnered with three of the industry’s top celebrity stylists — Ade Samuel, Erin Walsh, and Nicole Chavez — to create beautifully-designed websites that celebrate and evolve these forces in fashion, and provide a centralized destination for them to showcase their work. 

The campaign,“Fashionably Late,” highlights how stylists, like many other creative entrepreneurs, had to reimagine their businesses and prioritize their online presence over the last year and a half. With events like red carpets and photo shoots brought to a halt, these stylists began to think more about how they could curate and own their digital footprint, as well as create additional streams of revenue. With Squarespace’s award-winning design and ecommerce platform, each stylist unveiled a website that advances their personal brand and viewpoint on style, while providing a place for them to grow and scale their business. 

“I’ve spent a lot of time during my career helping fashion brands raise their digital profile, so this project was especially personal and rewarding for me,” said Kinjil Mathur, Chief Marketing Officer at Squarespace. “A website was the next step in business growth for Ade, Erin, and Nicole, and we were thrilled to help them create a fashion-forward digital presence that will expand their voice in the industry.”

Ade’s Fashion Tip for Web Design: 

“Leave room for your style to continue to evolve. My site is easily updated as my needs and perspective changes to reflect my growth within the industry.”

Erin’s Fashion Tip for Web Design: 

“Make it Feel Like Home. Like my style, I want my site to feel like a sanctuary as it represents what impression I want to leave. The idea behind ‘hemlines’ is to learn how to live as your highest self by changing your relationship to style.”

Nicole’s Fashion Tip for Web Design: 

“Throw out the rules and make it yours. Prioritize design elements that make it personal. My site is fun, bold, and approachable — it communicates an optimism that’s important to me and all the things I love to express through fashion.” 

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