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WEBINAR: From Freelance to Business Ownership with Sequoia Mulgrave

For many freelancers, the transition to small business ownership can be a challenging one. From nailing down measures of success to building and sustaining your business, the journey to entrepreneurship is best traversed with purpose and intention. 

Sequoia Mulgrave, a Squarespace Circle Member, began this journey after several years of working in publishing as a freelancer and juggling a master’s program. She wanted a career that offered consistent income and a more manageable pace. This inspired the launch of DailyMode Studio, a marketing firm helping small business owners scale their businesses using Squarespace websites and email marketing solutions. 

In this webinar, Sequoia talks through her journey from freelance to small business ownership, sharing exercises to help guide freelancers who are looking to make the leap. You’ll learn how to define your keys to “self” success, hear tangible tips on how to shift into business ownership, and dive deep into the four core pillars of transitioning out of freelance. Sequoia also answers questions from the Squarespace community about the difference between freelancers and small business owners, finding a community of entrepreneurs, overcoming entrepreneurial mistakes, and more. 

Check out the full webinar above. You’ll definitely want to take notes for this one.

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