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Why Less Is More for Jacqui J. Sze

Since 2015, Squarespace has proudly worked alongside global educational charity D&AD to connect creatives and elevate their work. This year, we partnered on our second annual ‘By the Book’ video series for D&AD’s first online-only New Blood Digital Festival, aimed at empowering and supporting emerging talent in a remote economy.

In a world where a digital presence is often also a first impression, we asked industry leaders to answer the question that students, graduates, and job seekers are all considering: what makes a strong portfolio?

Senior Creative Jacqui J. Sze knows what it takes to make your online portfolio stand out. As a member of the AKQA team, she is frequently asked to evaluate projects and portfolios that are sent to her by designers looking to make their next move. 

As a photographer, art director, and designer, Sze has a ton of work to highlight on her portfolio. However, she spends time curating her own pieces so as not to overwhelm the viewer. “I try to just feature at most five projects on my website just because I don’t think people have time to scroll through everything,” says Sze. She also recommends using analytics to discover which project is the most popular with visitors and moving that piece up to be featured at the top of the site.

Sze also emphasizes the importance of designing your portfolio website properly. “Give your work space to breathe,” says Sze. “Less is more with typography.” She encourages designers to provide some context to the work, but to be cautious with the amount of copy under an image or a video.

To learn more about how to create a memorable first impression, watch the full video and learn Sze’s five tips for building your online portfolio. For more guidance from industry leaders, explore the rest of our ‘By the Book’ video series.

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